Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Prom Night..Begins..

Reached Sunway Hotel
it was so grand..
like stepping into a palace..

many people arrived..
with their perfect look..
gowns, dresses, tuxedos, formal wear..
all of them are so smart n handsome..
gorgeous and elegant..
it's lk a ball is goin on in the hall..
all in pairs with their partners..
girls are in their pretty outfit..
speechless to say..
they are so beautiful..
and myself feel so simple only..

then we proceed to the lift and went to 15th floor..
Once stepped out from the lift
Wow, there are so many people
all of them busy taking pics for memories..on this auspicious day
then bebe called Clement
registered and got our ticket from the counter where Clement and Vivien are doing the registration stuff

We got our ticket and cop on our hand
we start taking pics non stop outside the ball room..
then emcee start to call the people to go into the ball room..
it's a huge room with all the LCD screen, lights, tables..all prepared well
All things seem so perfect..

The enchanting moment starts..

with a light presentation as a welcome open ceremony
waiters are standing at each table side..
ready to serve us..
we managed to get a nice table where views are nice..
we are just sitted beside the red carpet
with many cameras..
and a nice view to the stage..
felt like we are the King and Queens

Peoples are still busy taking pics even inside the ball room..
walked on the red carpet..
feel so..speechless..
Everything seem so perfect..
dinner starts..
welcoming the guests and VIPs..
they gave speeches on stage..
then programmes start followed the agenda..
Food to be served..
with a grand opening..

waiter and waitress served each and everyone of us..
there are many different shows goin on the stage to entertain people
songs sang by students with nice vocal..
magic show by Kampar campus student..
advertisement on smoking..
ballet dance and popping..

dinner end at 915pm..
Guest and VIPs leaved..
their tables and chairs are being taken away
to have an ample place for ball dance..
couples and non-couples goin on to the dance floor..
with classical music..
all of us dance on the floor..
kar yin and clee join in too with kar hoe and mun hon
we changed partner and dance..
alt v are nt so fond in those dance..
but we js move in a slow ones..
step by step..
feel like im the princess..and bebe is the prince..
it's an unforgettable moments..

Then we go outside the ball room and take pics..again
later on, hear some songs that is a R&B and POP songs..
went in again and here we come..dance all nite long..
10 smthg..we proceed to MOS(musical of sound)-Euphoria
We tot it would be a nice one..
who knows, its abit dissapointing..
they closed other section, only open a small space for us to dance..
batch by batch released into the small dance flr..
all packed togather..
hardly breath, so i went out with kar yin and clee..
tot of changing place to Coco Banana..but MH can't go
so decided to go to Barcelona..
but..unfortunately, all are tired..
then we took UTAR bus back to kampar..
its fine anyway,
we had a memorable night..
hope to go again nextime..
all of us are tired..
slept in the bus ..

depart fr Sunway at 123oam
reach Kampar at 230pm..
its merely 2hours time..
so fast..better than the bus we took on saturday..
my legs sore with high heels..
toes so in pain d..
bebe acc me bck home..

p/s: Pics uploaded on FB & Friendster

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