Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thx to FB...

Am here again..studied a while..headache n went for a short nap..
hardly nap as phone calls comin in non stop...
mk me mor pek cek..
plus de cloudy weather, mk me slumb..

so, i went to check my fb..look whether there's any updates fr frens..
finally, Vanessa approved me in fb...

Oopss..fgt to intro whose Vanessa..(nt Vanessa Hudgens ya!)
here's a simple intro of her..
she used to b my classmate when v were in form2
havin ups n downs togather..
then few years bck..she have to go bck to canada as she wasn't a msian citizen
alt her mom was a msian..
salute to her...
she learnt to b an independent gal eversince she was a young gal
staying in msia for few years..goin tru difficulties..
really salute her!!

Never thought that after all these years, i still b able to meet her bck in FB!
she changed alot..bcm prettier than after..
perhaps, all of us have grown up..
have better thinking ..
she's a sweet gal..many ppl likes her, me either..:P
glad to meet her bck in fb..thx to fb!
hope she is havin a great life in canada now..
miss u gal! muacckzz....

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