Sunday, February 22, 2009

Its Been A Long Time...

long time din blog...

cz many things happened n too busy wit work..

n now im bck to uni d, class start, piles of assignment need to settle

mid-term around d corner too, hven prepare well for dat

24hrs is js nt enuf, wat shud i do to my future? i doubt it..smtimes

lookin bck to last sem, dis sem is mor tough..can't relax anymor...

doin assignment n h/work in a rush mk me piss off

n goin to d Sunway Prom next mth

time is so pack til i cant reli breath

but luckily some1 got me relieved whenever im in bad mood

thx 4 evythg, my fren!

hardly bck to h/town due to d replacement classes on weekend

reli sucks!

anyway, gotta get bck to my revision d..


p/s: blog relieves stress..true?

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