Monday, January 5, 2009

Dec Trip With Love Ones...

Happen to be working for the past two least i give myself a break in this december month..most people are going on trip in this month cz Xmas falls in this month too. Anyway, our long planned trip has come true. Eventhough i had faced some difficulties in making this trip a successful one, still i managed to make it real.haha...
21/12/08: Bebe came to Ipoh meet up vf me..spent a nite here..had dinner at grandparents house cz it was 冬至. Anyway, GM cooked delicious dinner for us and prepared some "tang yuan"..but too full so didn't eat it. But i had bebe's home made tang yuan in noon already..haha!
22/12/08: Woohoo!! We are going to Genting as planned..just to take a fresh air and indulge ourselves in the cooling weather. Booked the room about one and half month ago cz afraid that it might fully book. Luckily manage to book it as standard room has all been fully booked. Woke up at 5am preparing ourself and waited outside my house for the van driver come to pick us up. Upon piked us up, we changed into a bus cz its too many uncle and auntie that day. So we had ourself on the bus and here we come..heading to Genting. Sitted for about 3hrs plus, we reached there at 10smthg. Head to First World Hotel to take number and queue up for check in. After check-in, take a rest before we start our shop in the complex. We just window shop around..erm, prob bought some clothes and shoes. Then, start to starve and he brought me to a restaurant named 好味. The dishes were damn big bowl..we ordered a chicken congee and curry mee. Walao, damn full! The price too quite fast food also not that expensive.Sigh! It will be the first and my last time having meal there.At night, he brought me to a place where you can view the whole KL. It was so beautiful that lights are sparkling like stars in the sky. Although there are fogs that night, still we manage to view the beauties of KL.
23/12/08: Woke up early and went to coffee house and had our breakfast there. There were tonz of foods being added and its just like ordinary western buffet style breakfast. Cant really eat much cz having gastric. Later on, we went to the skyway to take a cable car down to half hill to take a bus ride to KL. Just in 40minutes time and we had reached KL. Meet up with his brother before shop on our own. And meet up with some friends to have our lunch at KimGary. Luckily we went there early and no need to queue up. We chatted for about 30minutes only we make our order..silly huh? Eat till so full as most dishes were like cheezy stuff..haha..Then we shop around at Sg.Weng and Times Square. Not much time for us to shop in just a day..nextime must come again..hehe! Dinner with his bro Alan and Olivia sis at Teppanyaki which located at Times Square, with us were Sih Beh and Mun Hon.Waited for Kar hou whole day pun he cant make it to meet up with us. Aiks...he was too busy with work...haha! We take 11pm bus at Pudu and depart back to Bebe's hometown-Penang. The bus(Transnational) was damn damn cold! Hardly to nap cz the aircond was too cold..whole bus passenger cant stand it though. We were all freezing seems like it was cooler than Genting. Reached at 4am, Olivia sis mom fetched us back, thx her for waking up in the middle of the night just to fetch us.
24/12/08: Slept till 10smthg in the morning, we went to tesco with his siblings to buy stuff for bbq's preparation. Bought some sausages and mini potatoes and so on. Back home, start to wash and prepare bbq stuff. As usual, man does the outside garden stuff and those hard job. Girls just stayed inside the kitchen wash and wash and wash. Had a short nap after preparing those stuff..his parents reached and we just started to have things brought out to the garden area. Happy to had a simple bbq nite with his family. Didn't thought of going anywhere cz it was a Xmas eve and everywhere were jam and crowded. So we just stayed at home and have rest.

Haha...the next day would be shop shop shop! Till i drop le...hehe..smore eat non stop..fat d! Argg..but its ok since hardly had a trip like this,just give myself a break. Had a birthday celebration with his dad at a restaurant at Bukit Mertajam, we bought uncle a Seiko watch and his favorite Cappucino cake. By the way, we watched movie three time at AEON Seberang Prai. Twice at midnite..and i fall in sleep in both nites. Lucky it was just a free ticket, if not i might wasted it by just sleeping inside a cinema..ahha!

p/s: pics to be uploaded shortly!

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