Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mentally tired...

its friday midnite..m still burning the mid9 oil..
tmr morning got a small test on japanese sub!
gotta eat the notes up..

anyway, after this test, another replacement class..
sien nia...
then bck home can't rest but rush for assignment!
tuesday will have a presentation..

Perhaps i'm giving myself too much pressure
pushing too hard..
but have its a tough sem
parents stress on me that i hv to score this sem
they dun wan a moderate result
argh! stress nia..

anyway, i will owis rmbr
"work hard, play hard"
eventhough its js a common quot
but its useful to me..
as a motivation..
i thk?

well, blogging at this wee hour is js to relax myself abit.
wish everyone that having mid-term tmr do well ya..[^.^]

p/s: miss home so much! 1mth din bck d...

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