Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday....Rainiy Day, Again..

Hi people, here m i again, nothing special about today but its just another rainy day, sien ar! As usual, be my bro's driver fetching him up n down and went to gym do some workout late in the evening with mom.
Back home, heard some unexpected news from my maid, our neighbourhood's puppy was stolen by some indian guys. Pity to the cutie black color "fat pig", he was so cute and adorable and just disappear like that, kinda sad.
Aiks, tomorrow gotta work again, kinda bore with it, may be it is because the project i got. Hate it!! Today feel so tired, may be get too much of sleep as for the past few days gotta wake up early to entertain my grandparents, fetching them here and there to get something settle down. At least i have a longer sleeping time today, luckily Bebe called and wake me up, otherwise i will end up sleep till noon. Haha..byy then i would be tired than ever.
Hmmm...tomorrow is a brand new day and hope everything goes well so do my career and to all my friends out there, have a nice day ya!!

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