Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Even Just 8 Hours...

It was an excited day cz Bebe is coming to Ipoh. He took an early bus to Ipoh and expected will reach around 11am. So, i brought grandparents for breakfast as promised then send them back to home. Later on, i make a quick one, get home and take bath and put on a simple outfit, preparing to fetch Bebe at Medan Gopeng. Feel so excited that he is coming to visit me since we've been away from each other for 24 days. When im driving, he messaged me saying that he had reached the bus station. So, i speed up and get there as quick as i can, can't wait to see him already!
Upon fetch him up, i barely can recognize him as he was thinner than in Kampar, kinda sad, wondering if he do take his meal on time...its look like he was under weight. Then, we had lunch with mom at greentown business center before we go to jusco. We just had a simple window shopping and i hope to buy him his favorite muffin of Kenny Rogers, but he make a quick move and pay it before i did, sigh! Later, i brought him to Beacon Point, a well-known western cuisine restaurant in Ipoh and had a light snack. We ordered Brownies and Carrot was so delicious..haha, eating with the Mr.Right...It was around 3pm, so we went home and take a short nap before going out again. Bebe bought the last hour ticket back to Butterworth at 7.30pm.
Around 5.30pm, i wake him up and get prepared to bring him to have an early dinner and pick up the famous Salted Chicken that i've ordered. As planned, i would like to bring him to try out the Ipoh famous Beans Sprout Chicken in town but unfortunately they closed on Monday,aiks, so i brought him to My Point which is also a western cuisine restaurant and have our dinner there. Although its kinda rush and time almost strike 7pm, but we manage to finish our meal. Then, i speed up as it is almost time for him to depart back to Butterworth.
We managed to reach Medan Gopeng on time, luckily the bus haven come yet. Feel like time past so fast, we just managed to spend few precious hours together. Althought its a short period but feel happy that he came to visit me. He must be very tired since he slept late last night and take an early bus this morning yet have morning shift tomorrow. Pity Bebe gotta be tired being up and down and lack of rest, hence he was so thin, even thinner than my brother. T.T..sob..
Althought we just spend half day together, but i feel glad and happy being by your side even for the last few seconds. Thank you for accompanying me today and i feel so blissful staying with you. Mucks, love ya!

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