Sunday, October 12, 2008

RaiNy DaY...

Rain for the whole day..ya, it might be a good day to have a nice nap, but the weather make people feel more tired. In fact, such weather makes me miss him more. Working for the past two days, ough..its like hell for me. Its so tiring and this job is the most tiring i ever had. Gonna go to work earlier to get things prepared to start work on time, serving no one cz its just a shop selling chinese herbs and not much people drop by to try the toddler's milk i prepared. At the end, the milk have to be disposed. What a waste! Work like hell under hot weather and rainy weather caused me start to fell unwell, plus the dust from those stock and when opening booth,hence it caused me get flu. I'm really in a bad mood while on work for that two days, kinda hard to get the day past, whiu, so tired! Legs feel so numb and kinda swallon after standing for the whole day like a dumb!
Well, nothing special about today as its just a normal sunday, just that i don't have to work today while my friend have to. Haha...went to buy some household stuff with mom then back home have a short nap before going to gym with mom. When i was in club, it was so unbelievable that i saw someone that i have not seen for such a long time! He's back to ipoh for a holiday and he is still the same, going for badminton with his buddy..haha, still so handsome then. But his sister was much more prettier, haha..Bebe, don't jealous o! As u know, u can't be compared with others in my heart. HE was my senior when we was under the same coach learning badminton few years ago.
By the way, yesterday night was so happy and without stress can do whatever at home. It is mainly because both parents even the maid was not at home either. Just left me and bro at home, althought still living with the cctv but feel much more better without need to hear those mumbles...haha!
Anyway, i'll just stop here cz need to tidy up my room since there was a mess..

p/s: Friends, pls update blog so that i can know the latest about u guys! Take care!

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