Thursday, October 9, 2008

An Awful Day..

Sitting in front of the computer for the whole morning..just waiting to take a look on the result cz everyone saying that result has been released and students can view it online. Aiks, i had been waiting for almost whole morning just to access into the webpage but failed to do so cz too many people checking their result. So, i stopped for a while and check it later. Everyone seem so busy msn-ing asking each other the result. Some are happy with their cgpa cz they pass it all, while some still struggling accessing into intranet. Lastly, i manage to access into the intranet and checked it.Phiuww....feel relax after knowing that i pass all the subject,Thank God none of it failed. But still sad about it cz not even 1 subject got an A and yet all the grade is "B" and "C". Wtf!!
Later on, everyone start to call and ask how's the result. Some get a high cgpa and some are sad with their result. Speechless on the result i m i going to tell my parents about it? What is their reaction if they know i get such bad result? What will outsiders said about me? They have high expectation on me since i was small and i never achieved any good result from what i study all this while.
I was wondering if i have made any mistake during the exam or m i putting less effort on it? Bebe also pass it all but he feel awful that the effort he puts in doesn't seem to be the reward that he should gain after he knew about the result. He felt so depress and sad about the result and i can't help anything but just seeing that sad. I feel like i'm the one who caused him get such result and feel kinda guilty.
Night falls, parents came back from work, i dare not to tell them anything. I know that i've not put in all the effort and therefore here comes the result. Bebe and i start to online and chit chat awhile, he seems so sad but i could not help much, feel so useless. Aiks, although i'm also felling disappointed on the result i got, but i dare not to speak out and tell him how i feel. I do not wish to add on his burden since he has so many things to worry and think about.
Feel that i'm so useless, getting such result ... even after study hard during that period..but fail to achieved what i aimed for. Sigh!!!

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