Sunday, October 19, 2008

Freaky Sunday...

Its just 7.30am, mom already bang the door to wake us up since bro is having a replacement tuition at 9am. Therefore,mom asked me to join her to gym at this early. Kinda lazy to go but i went at the end cz im the one who be the driver. Spending our time at the gym just to wait bro finish his tuition at 11am..only when i get into car, checked my HP, then i realise that Ray send me a message saying that his tuition will only end at 11.40am. Aiks, thinking of where can we spend the rest of the time while waiting for this fellow. So, we went to buy some biscuits for home and take a tea at a kopitiam nearby Ray's tuition center. Upon fetching him up, we went to new town for lunch and go home after that, its kinda exhausted..feeling tired, after bath then take a short nap.
I can't really nap well through out the 2 hours as one of my dog is barking for no reason cz there are no thunder lightning nor outsider visiting us. I get frust and ran down to scold him and wack him up since he is making noise and cause me in a bad mood. After all, i hope to nap cz my stomach is not feeling that well as a result from menstrual pain..its killing me, arg!
By the time i went down, Ray called me..i wondering why is this fellow shouting and calling me that often. He actually borrowed neighbour's puppy over to play. He took 5 of them back to our house, no wonder my dog keep barking, he is jealousing..ahha! They were so cute that my mom like them so so much..and my bro ask for my phone to take some pic of them. They were afraid and hide into those flower pot..those puppy were so fat and cute adorable!

Late evening, mom suddenly suggested to have a dinner, its actually an early celebration for dad's coming birthday on next Saturday. Mom suggested to have seafood since she likes it alot. Then, we tried to get the restaurant contact no. to make reservation. Mom is so superb of her client is the Ritz Garden Hotel boss, and this boss own the famous HK style Seafood Restaurant. She had wanted to try it, and as she wish, she get the contact number through internet. While waiting dad coming home from his game(badminton), we get ourself ready and waited him. When we reached there, it was almost 8pm and it was so crowded, many people taking their dinner there. The restaurant is so famous with its seafood where they hire chef from HK. When the captain approaches us, taking down our order, i know mom was so exciting about it already. So, i accompanied her went outside the aquarium and chosed some seafood. We chosed a RM198 fish and lobster(小花龙).

Erm..deep in heart, i can feel that we are really having a lavish dinner. After that, we ordered two more dishes and we waited for about 20 minutes before our dish ready. We had our dinner and when bill comes, wow, it was so unexpected! Just a simple dinner with four dishes and it costs RM339.10....But mom is paying for it since its a dinner specially for dad. Feel guilty after eating that much, argh!!

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