Monday, October 20, 2008

Aching Day....

Ouchh!! Early in the morning, gotta accompany grandparents for breakfast as usual.. but don't have appetite to eat, so just accompany them nia. Busy for the whole morning, rush home after that just to avoid call from parents ever since there are 8 cctv in the house. Sigh!!
Around 1 something, be driver again fetching Ray for tuition then ride around town to buy some stuff but can't find the things i want. Then, just go home and take rest. At last, i have the chance to lay down on the sofa and take a deep breath. Whole body muscle was aching, probably due to yesterday workout, may be do too over. Anyway, life still goes on..hmm, need to keep myself busy so that i won't be that tired and lazy.Haha!
Here is a funny thing i would like to share with u guys..i went to the newly opened 100Yen shop this evening, i parked my car outside the MBI building and didn't put any parking coupon since i'm not taking a long time in that shop. Right after i went in to the shop, not even 5 minutes, one of the workers make an announcement saying that:"各位顾客请注意,外面抄牌,请把你们的车移开."(in cantonese) Kinda weird and funny, it was first time in my life that such small shop made a announcement to their customer. Haha, i quickly rush to my car and luckily i went out and take a look, the officer who give out summon was just behind my car, i made a quick move and drive away, act as nothing happened. It was just a second before my car kena summon...whiu!!

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