Thursday, October 30, 2008

Argg..Suffer From Dehydration!!..but..need to save money!!!

Recently, my skin feel so dry..erm, probably is dehydration..but i did drink alot of water everyday. Aiks, really dunno what happen to my skin..look so dull and an old lady already..even lips began to crack although i applied lipbalm every night before sleep..Skin are flaking..有脱皮的现象了!! Argg..what should i do??
Even i'm a person who likes to invest on skin care product and lead a quite good skin care regime everyday..still i suffer from such changes as what i m today..Today went to JJ, thought of wanna try out some products on soothing my skin from dehydration..but..but..need to save money as my cash flows out like water flowing from pipe! So i just forget about it!! But anyway, quite happy today as i did a 3hr workout at gym and did something special to someone special..haha! Curious to know? You'll know it sooner when i post it in this little box of voices..
Aiks, at the same time, i'm thirsty-ing for part time job..hope to find any high paid part time like what i did previously. My boss don have any job for me this two weeks makes me so worry of my cash flow..

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Benny said...

dar..u are getting naughty liao lo..erm..i m really curious wan to knw what had u done for me..n u went to JJ again o..haha..i think u wont tell me the secret tat soon i js wait lo..mucks dar