Sunday, October 26, 2008

Family Day....

It was rang..i know it was Bebe calling. Wow, this early and he is having his breakfast with family already..Bebe having dim sum too! yesterday night told us she wants to have dim sum this morning, right after Bebe called, mom start to knock the room door and shouting on me n Ray:"wake up!!!" Ok ok... can't really have a good sleep on weekend..haiz..can't do anything but to wake up and be driver lorr. Happen to be woke up already and changed into a simple outfit then drove my little car out but i'm still in the mode of blur..kinda haven awake from my dream..
Whiu! Gotta drive so far to Hill City Hotel just to have a dim sum breakfast, bro said it was crazy. Upon reached there, it seems like so many people and hardly can find a place to park my car. Anyhow, i found one and park it at the road side..haha, it was a sunday, there shouldn't be any officer around giving out "saman" right? We walked into the restaurant and find a table and have our breakfast. Just having a few plate, its already making me kinda full already..argg, guilty la, making me fat again!! Not really like to have breakfast this early, rather continue my dream with my best friend--my bed. Haha..after breakfast, dad suddenly suggested to go back to my secondary school, i wondering why he wana go there and didn't mention what event is going on,i thought it was a Lion's Club function but i don't think so. When we reached there, only then i realised that there is a dog competition, the whole field is full of cars, pity the grass of the field, have to be the place of car park. Haha, saw the current Capten Chan(headmaster) be the trafficker. He is still that cute and chubby, like doraemon, never change. No wonder dad said mom will be 200% happy cz its a dog events. Many dog lovers came and even those from outstation came too. I took a few pic of those cute dogs, can't snap much pic cz my phone is low of battery. But dad brought his digi cam..It was so crowded at the hall, many participants or the owner of the dog busy helping their dogs to comb and prepare themselves to appear as the prettiest one in the event.

Nowadays, dogs are so blissful that they are so enjoying their life as dog lovers invest so much on this pet. I think they are blissful than human. I noticed that their owner love them so much that makes these pets live in a happy wonderland. Combs, fan, hair dryer, hair spray, mousse, hair gel, powder, ribbons, hair bands and lots more....even lipstick!!! Imagine that, they are just a normal pets and things they used are more than what a human being have. I wondering how much does those dog lovers spend every month for the maintainance of their dogs. Their dogs went to spa and even staying in the dog, dogs now know how to indulge themselves in such cosy and "high-class" environment.
In the mid of noon, i went to ipoh parade with bro and mom since i got something to buy at popular bookstore. While walking around, saw lots of people and to my shock is i met 2 friends which long time didn't see each other already--Sem and Jia Hui. Haha..meeting them of course will stop by and chat for a while, then mom went to Cold Storage with bro since i'm chatting with Sem at bookstore. Both of them are having 3 weeks sem break at the moment. Sem just sat at home doing nothing while Jia Hui back to work at her previous work place as a crystal sales assistant. Anyway, i end up buying nothing and just have a short window shopping since bro is rushing us to go home. Somehow, can't really shop when guys are around, they didn't like to shop. Back home, mom and bro went over neighbourhood house to take the 5 little puppy over our house to feed them since they are so pity and in the mode of hunger. We fed them some Marrie biscuit and some rice. They are so hungry and just finished the food in seconds. They are so shy that they hide under my car right after we catchhed themm over. I just manage to take some pic of them cz most of them are so shy. All just hide in the corner of those flower pots.
The weather is damn hot rain at all!! Aiks, miss bebe alot the whole day. He's been so busy this 2 days due to his grandpa's birthday. Plus he is feeling unwell this few days, kinda worry him still need to work in such condition.

p/s: Bebe..miss u so much!!

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