Monday, September 29, 2008

Sorry...If I had hurt your feelings..

Gotta wake up early in the morning, although yesterday night didn't sleep well. Because need to bring grandparents for breakfast,i called you because afraid that you might be over slept.By the way, I'm worrying you when you are having headache after drinking too much. Even this morning after listening too your voice, you seem to be not feeling that well and having a sore throat. Feel sad that I'm not by your side taking care of you when you are feeling unwell. You are lacking of sleep and yet need to go to work one hour earlier than usual since you leave 1hour earlier yesterday. Worry you will be very tired due to lack of rest.
It's 5pm, you messaged me as promised. Glad to receive messages from you..due to the doubt i'm having, i had straightly asked you question that i shouldn't ask. I apologize for the question i asked and the way i think. I didn't mean to think such way, but my sensitiveness made me think that way. You are the one i'm loving now, i just hope that we can be a happily ever after couple as long as we can. No doubt, I'm having a happy life with you by my side. I wana let you know that i'm fully believing in you no matter what happens, but i can't avoid some sensitive thought when something approaches my mind.Deep in heart, i hope you know that you are the one i'm caring, loving and trusting in. Sorry if you feel that i'm having some suspicion on you. Hope you know what i'm talking and thinking. I don't hope any problems occur in our relationship.
Sometimes, i also would like to thank you for your patience on my bad temper when i'm in bad mood. You always try to cheer me up whenever i'm moody or emo..tq ya..
Although sometimes i might be abit over, yet you still always by my side and care for me. Appreciate for what had you done so far..I'm here always praying that you will be fine and in a good shape. Please don't fall sick or lack of rest, if you feel that your work load is too much, take it easy.

p/s: Will always by your side no matter what happens!

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