Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy+Unforgetable Day+Precious Moment

Writing this at 2.55am, I feel so delight althought everything had passed ..but it still playing in my memory..feel to express it in my little box here and share with everyone..On Tuesday(2/9/2008), Bebe took me to JJ at Ipoh..Early in the morning, i woke him up and we prepared ourself to go to Ipoh. Bebe was so cute, duno what shirt should wear and i chose one shirt by Body Glove that makes him so ëntao"neh. It's already 10 something and the weather is kinda hot outside doubt, we gotto walk out from Westlake to the nearest bus stop at Kampar Square. We had waited for about an hour at the bus stop before the bus came. The bus came and we went on board, reaching Medan Gopeng and we took a cab to JJ. Hmm..feeling happy going on a date with Bebe. We saw a banner showing a movie named"Babylon"and think of watching it. Once arrive at JJ, we walked to cinema there and took a look on what movie can be watched. Unfortunately, time doesn't allow us to do so. So, we did our shopping by walking around here and there. We walked n walked n walked, suddenly he pull me into Secret Recipe and asked which type of cake that i've never try before..pointing at a few that i hv never try b4, he suddenly made an order on Öreo Cheesecake". So, he bought a slice of it and i walked into a boutique and take a look on some clothes while he pay for the cake.
Later on, we stepped into Kenny Rogers which is Bebe's favorite restaurant..his fav food==CHICKEN!! We made our order and out of sudden, Bebe opened the box of Secret Recipe, taking out the mouth-watering cheesecake and i started to feel something was going on and im in a state of blur. He took a lighter and light up a candle and put it on top of the cake..OMG!! He is celebrating an early bday for speechless and...he sang bday song for me and treat me a meal at Kenny Rogers. I never thought that he would do that and im so happy that i hv my bday celebrated with my loved ones.
After meal, we continued our shopping..i tried out several pieces of clothes at PDI and hard to make decision which one should i buy. Luckily there was a consultant(Bebe), and he helped me make decision. Hence, i've chose a grey stripe top, when i thought of paying for it at the counter, he quickly grabbed the shirt and paid for it. He wished me happy birthday and bought me that shirt as my bday gift.
Later on, we passed by Mc Donald, a fast food restaurant where Kampar does not have. I bought my favorite McFlurry and ate it in the cab.It feel so great cz it has been a long long time i didn't eat any McD food liao.Deep in heart, really thank you for what Bebe had done today..tq for the gift, surprise and treat of meal. Feel guilty that need ÿou"to sacrifice your study time and money..cek, pai seh! Later on, we took bus back to Kampar and he slept along the way..i knw he was so tired and exhaust alr. Since it was raining, i called up Boon to fetch us at oldtown bus station, feel pai seh need Boon purposely come out from Westlake and fetch us. We went for dinner then went home and take a hot bath.
Looking at my phone, it's already 11.55pm, Mimi called up Bebe. But he act so weird and not allow me to hear what he talked over the phone vf Mimi. I guessed that they will give me a surprise and i feel so lost..duno what to do. Suddenly, someone knock the door so hard, i knew it was Kevin. I opened the door but saw no one. Thinking of going back into room, Mimi, Kevin, Boon and Alvy suddenly came out from the back room and sang bday song..tears flooded my eyes and im speechless. Out of sudden, they gave me such surprise. Thye bought me a Blackforest cake..

later on, Bebe took out the cake(banana coffee) my parents bought for me, which is another surprise so happy that i hv 2 bday cake this year..and althought im in Kampar, but hv this gang of friends celebrate with's my great pleasure. After cutting both cake, they played teh cake and paint my face with those cream..althought feel its oily and sticky, but since everyone celebrating for me, i put aside my "hygiene concious" minded thought and played with them. We had a happy moment for a short while..but i feel happy that they celebrate it with me.
Thx buddy for the celebration..appreciate it! No longer, my phone rang and the marketing gang called me up and wished me. Feel so happy ever..thx to Bebe for everything..really speechless, other than tq, can't find any other way to express my feeling now..
It's 3.35am liao, gotta go to bed and study tmr..nitez!

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