Sunday, August 31, 2008

Here it comes...Sunday(Merdeka)!!

Today was Sunday, my parents come all the way from Ipoh and took me to the newly opened hypermarket-Tesco to buy some household item. Hmm..feel kinda tired cz sleep at 5 in the morning..haha, after Ghany, went home continue study n study n study..sienz!! Later on, i woke up at 8am cz parents were then mom stil haven call me yet, so i went back to my bed again until she called me. Due to the celebration of Independant Day, Tesco was crowded vf people, can't even walk properly..haiz, so i take a quick shot, after buying things, then make a move. Back home, saw mimi woke up alr n "ON" vf her daily routine-on9..sigh!! I then tidy up my room cz it was kinda messy n arranged things that i bought. Whiu, i bought lots of food to occupy myself during study week since need to save money and diet..ahha!! After bath, writing this..feel abit wink, mebe lack of sleep as i know nowadays i dun even sleep 5hrs a day, become God liao. Called bebe, bt he was too tired n fall asleep liao..waiting him..later on, my aunt is coming to visit me.Yeah! I miss my grandma's homecook food so much..n my aunt is bringing those delicious, mouth-watering food to me..Yummy!! Can't wait d..hmm, need to busy on smthg..chaoz!!

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