Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lack of Sleep...again!!

It has been more than 2 months i din update my "little box" due to hectic university life. Currently, our uni is having 1 week break or so-called "study week" for the preparation of the final exams which falls on Sept. Many students went back to their hometown since there is a 1 week break. Hence, the place where im living now has become so quiet..n peaceful. So im able to concentrate on my studies since there are lack of environment noise. Since Kampar is a none-entertainment place, students here find other ways to release their stress and enjoy their uni life by having steamboat or BBQ. For the following week, its time for me to lock myself in a "box" for the preparation of final exam. Nowadays, i tend to sleep at dawn and wake up at noon. It is mainly due to studying in the night better than study in day time. Haha, my time has switched to international time..where ppl sleep at night and im burning the midnight oil..i had just wake up at 12 something and im waiting for my bebe to buy me favorite congee. Last nite, me and a a few of marketing friend studied at bebe's place till dawn. When CL n MH can't stand anymore, they went to bed while i n bebe continue our studies. To avoid sleepiness, both of us crunch on CL's Cornflakes..Actually, i felt tired at the beginning and toke a nap. After that,bebe made me a cup of milo and i feel refreshed after drinking it. Its like going back to childhood time where mama use to make milo drinks for their kids before sleep. Anyway, thx bebe for the sweet and kinda have the feeling of warmth. I have to stop here and continue my studies again..Chao..

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