Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2013!

Ola peeps! Happy CNY to all & today is the Chap Goh Meh which means last day of CNY, have you collected more Ang Pow(s) than last year? Heh!

Wish everyone have a Prosperous New Year! May the year of Water Snake shower everyone with abundance of Wealth, Excellent of Health & Good Fortune! 

As usual, CNY is where everyone go back to their own hometown to celebrate the HOT festive! Why HOT? Coz it's memang HOT in terms of weather! Heard lots of friends complain of getting sick, even myself fall sick on CNY eve, so down yourself with water...or beer. *wink*. Ahh well, it's CNY, forgot about the salads and indulge yourself with CNY cookies, dried meat (Yuk Gorn), etc. Omnomnom! What a sin! Eat more, diet after. *.<

My CNY goes pretty well, but quite a rush as not enough time to catch up with old mates. Most importantly is collection of ang pow drop to the max! *cries* Coz I'm a grown up adult and auntie uncles think that I'm married or whateversoever...#foreverkesian

CNY Eve: 
First Yee Sang at colleague's place before departing back to hometown. All self chopped vege(s), indeed a healthy Yee Sang! Yummylicious~

Chinese tradition for CNY definitely will have a reunion dinner at home or eat out. A good time to catch up with relatives and have a good bond with family!
My first Ang Pow when clock strikes 12! First time parents giving both me & bro ang pow so early! 12am on Chor 1! TQ~

It's Day 1 aka Chor 1 of CNY, going back to grandparents house Bai Nian. Look what I've found ! 50cent in paper note from the old days ... I'm not even born! Totally antique!

Out to town & bai nian with relatives, the common things most young people do when stuck in traffic madness! Camwhore with le bro...

OOTD: H&M neon knit top & Cotton On shorts. 
A must catch up with high school best mate! It's been years grad from high school, how time flies. Some even married with kids/engaged. Look at self #foreveralone

Saviour of the night with ice blended pink guava juice. 
And catching up with old friends!

 Day 2 / Chor 2:
Paid a visit to orphanage home & give out ang pows. *annual project*. Nahh... it's good to have such practice whenever you can. 
Balik kampung (mom's side). Look at the traffic, fainted!
Spot the pic behind us? It's our parents' wedding pic! So young & thin!
Sis, bro & gf.
And our favorite boy, he's been with us for 13years!! 
Home baked Orange Chiffon Cake by mom! #neverenough
First family pic in my life!
CNY comes to an end for me as I have to get back to work, how sad! Stucked in jam on highway which really makes me go nuts!

Back to the city but still with CNY mode, and so our "Hoi Gong Zhao" held at China Treasures, Sime Darby CC (picture credits: Shermaine)

The best colleagues!
Group pic with our boss
The ladies
The men
Yours Truly,

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