Monday, January 28, 2013

Kick Start 2013 with RODIAL!

Ola, sorry for the long hiatus! Look what I've stocked up lately! I believe many of you read about my previous review on RODIAL's product & they are result proven products (yes, it is!).

As I've always wanted a better face contour (coz I have round fat face), I've been trying out different brands for the past few years & nothing seems working until Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel!

Tadaa! Rodial's Dragon's Blood Kit! This is the promo package during Xmas last year. Lucky me still managed to get it in 2013! Rodial rocks! (L-R): Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel, Dragon's Blood Eye Gel & Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Mask.

The magical Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel that define facial contour. This definitely suits all skin types so no worries (it helps on my terrible skin). It helps to reduce redness and firms for a smoother, plumper more youthful looking complexion. 
This instantly cooling gel helps refresh & rehydrate puffy tired eyes with Rose Water, Arnica & Dragons Blood.
Another must-have mask on my daily skin care regime! Instant result after first application (leave on for 10minutes) ! It helps in hydrating, plump fine lines & tighten wrinkles! My all time favorite mask!

Crash Diet & Tummy Tuck Sticks! Both helps to ditch away excess fluid. Help in boost up metabolism & fat burning! Personally like Crash Diet as it taste so good just like juices. 

This is how Tummy Tuck Stick looks like. I prefer to shake it than just mixed it with water in a cup because you will find it hard to dissolve & sees small little ball-like powder floating. It is better to gulp more water after taking this stick. Otherwise, you might end up having bad constipation (like me). :(

Bum Lift! So it says you can see results in 6 weeks time. Let's see how well it works then. :)
For more information, check out Rodial website here & LIKE their FB page, Rodial Malaysia & Rodial Skincare.

Below are the Rodial's outlets in Malaysia:
1. Parkson Pavillion, KL
2. Isetan, The Gardens Mall, MV
3. Isetan, KLCC
4. Robinsons, The Gardens Mall, MV
5. Beauty Science, 2nd floor, BSC

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