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Shabu-Shabu Buffet @ Nagomi Japanese Restaurant, Menara Hap Seng

Courtesy of Ivy (FOOD) for inviting me to a food review session at Nagomi Japanese Restaurant, Menara Hap Seng.

It was a Shabu-Shabu Buffet session with 20 fellow bloggers! Got shocked when Ivy told me about 40 turned up. Only to know it was a bloggers gathering cum food review. :)

So, what's Shabu-Shabu all about? It is a Japanese variant of hot pot where thinly sliced meat such as pork, beef and lamb submerged into a pot of boiling dashi(broth) and swishing it back and forth several times.

Nagomi, a Home-Style Restaurant serves naturally delicious and healthy food cater for you and your family. Nagomi brings the meaning of  'comfort'. It is to give the feeling of comfort and peace while dining in the restaurant. 

For only RM32.80++ (not including drinks), you can enjoy over 80 varieties of food for shabu-shabu.
For children 5-12 years old, only RM18.80++! What a great deal! 

It was my first visit to Nagomi despite knowing the existing restaurant for some time. The restaurant itself was nice and cozy. Every seat comes with an individual pot, which I feel more hygiene (especially hygiene-freak like me). If you prefer some privacy rather than dining in the open space, you can opt for a VIP room where you and your guest can enjoy a private dinner. 

Nagomi serves authentic Japanese cuisine at affordable prices and high quality food. Since it is a buffet session, it is none other than self-service. I am very particular/picky on food especially buffet as I always encounter bad experience where food serve in a buffet style is not fresh. Looking at the seafood, I was wondering whether they are fresh or frozen for sometime. But looking at one of the tray, prawns are crawling out. They look active as if they were screaming for help before being dip into the hot pot! 

Well, I'll just put aside my worries on seafood's freshness and pick them up and dump it all in the pot! 

The individual hot pot with Nagomi Soup. The soup itself tasted so good and we were wondering what made this soup a big thumbs up! According to Andy (Operation Manager), the soup was a secret recipe but he assured us that no preservative, no coloring and no ajinomoto (food seasoning) added into the soup! The soup simply goes well with all the ingredients dumped into the hot pot. 

Slipper Lobster! I must say this is one of the best item! It was so fresh and chewy to be eaten without dipping into any sauces. 

Varieties of seafood : Yabby Lobster, Slipper Lobster, Half Shell Scallop, Oyster, Mussel, Bamboo Clam, Flower Crab, Pompret, Tiger Prawn, White Clam, etc. 

Fresh Seafood! Spot something crawling?

None other than the Live Australian Yabby Lobster! 

Assorted Vegetables

Fishballs, meatballs, and some deep fried items.

Noodles / Chinese Fried Yee Mee

Choices of sauces : Ponzu (Japanese Vinegar), Goma Sauce (Sesame Sauce), Thai Chili Sauce, Nyonya Sauce, Wafu Dressing (Japanese Vinaigrette), Shoyu Dressing (Soy bean based dressing), Kyuri Dressing (Cucumber based dressing). 
Choices of soup paste: Kimuchi Paste, Ginger Paste, Spicy Miso Toban Paste (Japanese Bean Paste). 

I love the original Nagomi broth, so did not add other soup paste into it. But, if you prefer to have other flavor of soup base, you can always take a scoop or two of the soup paste and make yourself a different flavor of hot pot broth. 

Assorted Sushi : Mackerel Sushi. Personally, I hardly eat raw fish item except salmon. But this was so nice itself. Om Nom Nom~

More assorted sushi

Assorted Sushi : Sea Bass Sushi. The slice of sea bass itself was good except for the sushi rice, a tad too dry for my liking. 

Ready-to-eat item! Sushi, tamago and fried slipper lobster!

Yums~ *drool*

Thinly sliced Beef for shabu-shabu is the best! Swish it in hot boiling Nagomi broth! *swish swish swish*

Lamb Shoulder. Besides Beef and Lamb Shoulder, Nagomi also serves Chicken and Duck breast, all thinly sliced!

 Fresh seafood: Slipper Lobster, Half Shell Scallop and thinly sliced sashimi.

Served hot in Nagomi broth! Oh-so-sweet~

What I picked (L-R) : Shoyu Dressing, Nyonya Sauce and Jap Pickled Ginger!

Abundance of joy!

Head Chef: Chef Jack Chan. 

Fresh Salmon Sashimi!

Omega-3 fatty acids fixed! It is the good fat yo! 

Fried squid!

Last but not least, Nagomi also having Carlsberg promo at only RM30++ per bucket! *valid only for Shabu-Shabu Buffet diners* 

Overall, food was decent and seafood was fresh. Service was good as waiter/waitress is friendly and responsive. 

Not forgetting, many thanks to Debbie (A&P Senior Exec), Andy (Operation Manager) and Jack (Head Chef) for the explanation and hospitality. 

Hop over to Nagomi @ Menara Hap Seng for this great deal! For only RM32.80++, you can enjoy fresh-mouth-watering seafood and other varieties of food! For children between 5-12 years old, it is only RM18.80++. 

Operating hours for Nagomi Shabu-Shabu Buffet 
Monday-Friday : 6pm-10pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays : 12pm-230pm & 6pm-10pm

Nagomi @ Menara Hap Seng
Suite 1-19, 1st Floor, The Podium
Jalan P.Ramlee, 
50250 Kuala Lumpur.

 03-2141 6332


*Note: Parking in Menara Hap Seng is at a flat rate of RM3 after 5pm, weekends and public holidays.

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