Friday, October 7, 2011

Chocolat! at Aristo, Zouk Club KL

On 5th Oct, WEVents presented the first installment of Indulgence Series's event themed "Chocolat!". My first time doing emcee job for event * nervous-ed for days*. Reached Zouk at 4pm for prep (some was asking what am I doing at Zouk at 4pm!), it's for the event preparation ! Making sure everything is well prepared and got myself dolled up, opened up for registration! Glad that Ivy (FOOD Founder) came early as I was worrying attendees might turn up late due to the common-madness-traffic of KL!

It's a chocolate event with invited speaker, Chantelle Chuah (Founder & MD of JessieChantelle Chocolatier) who was also Ms. Malaysia International 2010. Special invited guest was our past speaker as well as WEVent's patron, Winnie Loo (Founder of A Cut Above). Chantelle shared with us her range of celebrities series chocolates. If you are a weight-watcher chocoholics, READ ON!

Chocolate Journey begins....
Chocolate Dipping! Fruits courtesy of WEVents Founder : Jeanisha Wan

Attendees waiting patiently before we start

Assorted Mini Cup Cakes by Zouk Cafe

Mini Apple Crumble & other finger foods

Chopped chocolates courtesy of JessieChantelle Chocolatier

Finger foods and chocolate dipping with fruits served

With Elise, Emilie's sister. Posed sexily? 

With Ivy (Left) & attendee. Thanks Ivy for being the first one who came! 

Beauty queen speaker - Chantelle Chuah with her celebrities series chocolates!

Michelle & Glenda

Winnie & Chantelle

With Chantelle & Winnie

First time doing emcee *no idea what am talking, LOL!*

Winnie shared with us her thoughts on chocolates!

Jessica & Jean

Some of the attendees

En Wee & friends. Thanks for bringing your friends!

Hot red chicks with red wine. Thanks Emilie for tagging them along!

With bestie. I looked in a mess coz running up and down coordinating everything. 

With Emilie & En Wee.

Group photo with Winnie

With Chantelle. Oh she said my friends looked like Malaysian version Pussycat dolls. LOL!

We've been preparing for the event for a month plus until the day arrived. Nothing is easy and we are going through ups and downs, etc. However, managed to get through them and make it a success. Many thanks to our sponsoring venue, Zouk Club KL (especially Yumi) and fellow volunteers. Thanks again to everyone who  attended the event. Hope you ladies had a great ones! 

Thanks to Emilie, En Wee & friends for being so supportive! My apology if I did not do well, looking forward for the next event!

Event : WEVents Presents: Chocolat!
Venue: Aristo, Zouk Club KL

Size 0 Choc Bar for the Health Freaks! Sugar-free with 62% Dark Choc.

Size 0 "Skinny" with 38% Milk Choc (No added sugar).

Glitters Nail & Waxing Salon vouchers!

Time Out Malaysia Shopping & Services 2011

Time Out Malaysia Kids 2011

Weight-watchers/Chocoholics can now enjoy the premium chocolate without concerning the sugar-intake as the "Size Zero" range of chocolates says it all! Stay slim with JessieChantelle Chocolatier? Do check out JessieChantelle Chocolatier website if you would like to purchase their chocolates!

Picture credits : Emilie, my bestie who volunteered to be part of the team. She helped me out regardless being tied up with heavy work load. 

Mambo Jambo @ Velvet Underground...

Champagne Shower?

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