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New Menu Review @ Frontera Sol of Mexico, Jaya One.

My apology for the long hiatus, been tied up with work. Promise will update more frequent *finger crossed*!

Courtesy of Ivy for inviting me to a mexican food review in Frontera Sol of Mexico, Jaya One. My very first time trying out Mexico food! 

Tagged along with me: Marilyn, Jackie, YY, Stephanie, Sheng Wang and Daniel. 

Tadaa! We are here at Frontera Sol of Mexico!

Here we go trying out the soon-to-launch new menu:

First dish served was the soups and tortilla! Was wondering why so many chips? Only to find out they are the Tortillas!! *I know am much outdated* 

Tortilla Chicken Soup is a traditional lightly spiced chicken soup with tomatoes & onions, garnished with tortilla strips, cheese & cilantro.

Look! Tortilla strips and oozy-like cheese! This soup was good, just a little too salty for my liking. 

Red Salsa : A homemade salsa using tomatoes, garlic, cilantro & Ancho chili

Look at the bottom left dipping in a tequila-like glass. It's Chili Con Queso (Tejas-styled cheese dip made from American cheese, cheddar cheese & tomatoes). 
 Another dipping for tortilla. Love this much and it goes well with tortilla! *Give me more* 

Chipotle & Mushroom Soup is a mildly spicy chipotle chili & button mushroom clear soup. Nothing much to shout about this dish as I only tasted pepper-like soup. But according to Ramesh, the spiciness comes from jalapeno! So what is Jalapeno & Chipotle? *scratch head*

This is Jalapeno. While Chipotle is the smoked dry Jalapeno chili primarily use in Mexican cuisine.

BBQ Pineapple ChickenMesquite grilled chicken breast glazed with Habanero BBQ sauce & topped with roasted pineapple. Served with mashed potatoes & Senora veggies. Thumbs up to the mashed potatoes!

Chicken Enchiladas: Shredded chicken enchiladas, topped with sour cream & Monterey Jack cheese. 
This is Marilyn's main course. Looks like Nasi Pattaya? LOL! The bottom part sauce was a combination of red beans and curry (not spicy at all), tasted like Japanese curry. 

Tex-Mex BurritosFrontera beef or chicken, refried beans, Monterey Jack or cheddar cheese & hot sauce wrapped in flour tortilla. Topped with chili con queso. Served with Mexican rice & refried beans.

Chicka Boom Boom: Juicy chicken breast, hand breaded with crushed potato chips & flash-fried. Topped with Tex-Mex garlic cilantro sauce. Served with Mexican rice & Senora veggies. Nothing much to shout about but this best  cater to those who likes something normal. To my surprise, the chicken is not oily as other fried chicken coz it's pan fried. 

Ranchera Chicken TacosCrispy corn tortillas with grilled chicken, topped with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes & ranchera sauce. Served with Mexican rice & refried beans. 

Texas BBQ Burger200g of pure beef patty glazed with BBQ sauce & topped with lettuce, tomatoes, American cheese, beef bacon & onion rings Served with jalapeno mayo, fries & jalapeno coleslaw.

Texas Bacon Cheeseburger200g of pure beef patty topped with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, dill pickles, melted American cheese & beef bacon. Served with fries & jalapeno coleslaw.

Done with main course and let's hop over to the desserts!! 

Keylime PieA creamy & tangy lime flavored filling in grainy Graham cracker crust, topped with whipped cream.

Homemade Mexican FlanSoft, creamy rich custard baked with a traditional Mexican caramel glaze. Looks like Ipoh's famous egg custard? 

Chocolate Chipotle BrowniesSweet & spicy, a Frontera original, topped with Vanilla ice cream & chocolate sauce. 
Just like any other brownies, yummy looking? Well, it's a tad too dry for me. I prefer my brownies to be moist and bigger scoop of ice cream pls? *puppy eyes*

Cheesecake Chimichanga. Yes, it is cheesecake!! *looked carefully* And yes, the name itself is cheesecake but I don't see any cheesecake here! So, it is crispy flour tortilla filled with homemade cheesecake, topped with strawberry syrup. But, I still prefer the real cheesecake! Filling was too creamy and causes a mess. 

Black Label Sundae :Chocolate chipotle brownies topped with Mexican caramel, Vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream & cherry.
Marilyn and I were so excited to find out the alcoholic dessert (as the name goes), only then we find out it's brownies cut into pieces. We were disappointed but still happy with what we got. 

Many thanks to the Ramesh for hosting us such yummylicious food tasting session! 

Me savoring the chicka boom boom!

Meow meow Marilyn with her Pattaya-like dish! :P

Picture credits: 
My poor iPhone cam 

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