Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Travelogue #1: First Experience Flying to HK with MAS

Hi all, here's a simple post on my first time experience fly with MAS to Hong Kong. *not that I never take MAS airline before* :P
My past visits to Hong Kong used to be Cathay Pacific instead of MAS, since there's a good deal from MAS, so we just take it!

Actually I got bad experience with MAS before, so am very afraid of taking MAS. But that was years ago during my trip to the states. Encountered difficulties in breathing and vomiting thus it's like having phobia towards MAS airline. Moreover, I'm not comfortable with the seats. Anyway, that was many years ago. I suppose everything improves to be better now and then.

Pictures do the talk:
Trust me! My very first time took such picture before departing after 22 years of living. I never take group pic whenever I travel. :P

Random snap

Bro & gf in front of Harrods. Oh ya, they are having sales!

Girls always love bears, don't they?

Spotted lady-gaga-like chics! They are representing AXIATA to promote some telco service, if not mistaken. :P

Must act cool yo!

Bro failed! Must be cool!

2nd attempt: Both failed!

Greedy right? I love juices!

I only like the Cadbury choc which you hardly get at supermarket.

Still can stuff into stomach, not that bad tho.

Overall, our flight to HK not that smooth or punctual as scheduled coz we encountered bad weather once we are in the air first 30minutes which actually freaks me out! Both bro and me not dare to talk or move and very bad pressure as I faced difficulties in breathing, again! While mom enjoyed her food and newspaper reading very much! She is stronger than us the young people! *salute*
Took us 4hours to reach HK as there's thunderstorm + typhoon in HK, according to the pilot. Thank God we reached HK safely and rain stopped, just with some strong winds around. Phew!

Girls always love taking pictures in the toilet, a culture eh?

With Love,

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