Thursday, August 18, 2011

Moo Cow @ The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City. (Bulan Ramadhan Menu)

As promised on the previous Moo Cow post, here you go with another detail write up on the froyo craze!
Well, they changed the cup's design. Me still prefer the previous ones. *wink wink*

Guess what? Me spotted this "family" thingy at Moo Cow kiosk, and you can spot them too when u purchase a cup of froyo! The family members:  Mamalia, Sophia, Joe, Suria, Siti Maria and Irene *scratch head*. Oh well, maybe this is their august menu ideas?



Hi Suria! *quak quak*

Irene the Owl

Siti Maria *meh meh*

Ohai Mamalia! *Moooo*

And they are made from fresh milk!

The August (Bulan Ramadhan) menu. Sampled the Puasa Yoghurt "Rose+Lime" flavor, does not suit my liking as it tasted like "air bandung". 

Original still the best! Topped with Oreo crumbs. 

For only RM9.90, u get this big cup of froyo with 1 FREE topping! Ok, some of you might say think it's expensive. However, if you love froyo, it's worth paying for thumbs up froyo + good ambiance! Oh say Hi to Suria! *wave wave*

Got this reward card with a Moo Cow stamping on it. With every RM10 spend will entitle you 1 stamp.
Exchange of free gift is base on availability.

Simple furnishing and wall template. Spotted lots of family with kids love Moo Cow! 

I still love my froyo be original with corn flakes! 

Pictures credit : Moo Cow

Moo Cow (Located on 3rd Flr, right in between Sushi Zanmai & Fong Lye Restaurant)
Lot T-K02, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens Mall, 
Mid Valley City, 
Kuala Lumpur.   

With Love,

*Blogging at Moo Cow with the Mooooo*

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