Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Banana Leaf Rice @ Sri Nirvana Maju, Bangsar.

I am always an avid fan of banana leaf rice(BLR) since I was a kid. Dad used to bring us for Indian/Malay foods especially during festive season to friend's open house. Since then, I love their food a lot instead of Chinese food *seriously*. Well, it's been awhile since my last BLR, it was back then during my Form six at Anderson, Ipoh. There was a famous cafe/canteen located at Anderson school, it is a cafe cater to the Andersonian. I felt grateful that I was in that school for my Form Six and always drop by at the cafe for my BLR fix. Back then, me and the bestie used to have our meal there after class. The BLR comes with an unlimited refill of veggies, gravy and papadum and always order an additional dish->Curry Mutton! Ahhhh, how I misses those days!

Woops, get back on our topic today, the BLR at Bangsar. So, what so interesting about this BLR? I believe many of you heard about that before or you are a regular customer of Nirvana Maju. Well, do not laugh at me because this is my FIRST VISIT after hearing how famous it is for a long time.

Woke up late on a Saturday and searching for brunch with mom. Since we gonna hang out and shop around at BSC, brought mom to Sri Nirvana Maju for our first meal of the day. Walked to the shop and to our surprise, we need to get in line for a table! If you know me well, I never like to queue in long line for food. But there is always exceptional for good food. Waited for 15minutes and got our table, shared with a Chinese couple. First time dining at this restaurant, I have totally no idea what to order or how to order *pai seh*.

Sri Nirvana Maju serve South Indian cuisine and HALAL food. Famed for its BLR besides Roti Cana, Thosei, Maggi Goreng, etc. You can choose to dine in the coffee-shop setting or al-fresco dining on the corridor.

See..full house on a Saturday!

Here you go with the foods:
BLR with 3 side servings of (L-R): Fried Bitter Gourd, Bayam and Cucumber Salad. My rice was laden with my all time favorite curry gravy-> Fish Curry (Rice Meen Curry).

BLR comes with an assortment of vegetables and curry gravy such as Rice Meen Curry (Fish Curry), Koli Curry (Chicken Curry) and Dhal (Boiled Lentils). I love my BLR side servings/vegetables especially the Fried Bitter Gourd, it is so addictive that I asked for another refill *Additional charge of RM2 for each refill*. The "Bayam" cooked with Lentils tasted good as well and the cucumber salad did not disappoint me as am very picky on cucumbers. 

The BLR set comes with crispy Papadam (Indian Crackers).

Additional orders: Ikan Bawal RM25. The fish was fried to perfection, very crispy on the outside and fresh enough. Douse with the lime and there you go->Perfecto! 

Another plate of additional order: Deep Fried Sotong RM10 (serving for 2). The sotong was well-marinated, fried with chili and curry leaves which gives an aromatic smell to the plate. Topped with onions and squeeze on some lime juice, a taste of spicy and sour *salivate*

Sri Nirvana Maju serve decent Banana Leaf Rice at RM6/meal. The set comes with white rice, 3 types of vegetables, Papadam, Curry and Rasum. Every additional refill of vegetables/side servings will be charge at RM2. Writing this makes me crave for more and I'll definitely go back for more especially the Fried Bitter Gourd. Nirvana's BLR is so addictive that I'll never get bore with it!

The bill surprised me totaling up to RM52.30 for 2 pax! Anyway, it is fine since its our first visit having BLR in KL.

Address: No. 43, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur. (opposite Bangsar Village II)

Contact: 03-2287 8445

Food : 8.5/10
Service : 7/10 (Waiters are very attentive)
Pricing : 6.5/10
Ambiance : 6/10
*Verdict: Packed during peak hour. 

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