Saturday, February 19, 2011

Secret Garden Bistro, Ipoh.

Hi readers, sorry for all the late updates! Been disconnected from the cyber space because of no internet connection at the hostel, anyway, stay tune with me as I will try to update more often as I can.

I know it is no longer the CNY period but still I would like to share something with you guys. Paid a visit to a hidden bungalow somewhere in Ipoh. It was a girls gathering of my secondary mates. It's been awhile since our last hangout, usually only able to meet each other once a year and do some updates so and so.

So, wondering what is the hidden bungalow am talking about? It's a place converted into a cozy fine dining serving western cuisine. Voila! It's SECRET GARDEN BISTRO located near Greentown, Ipoh. Read my previous post here!

Well, if you had read my previous post on this restaurant, it actually disappointed me at my very first visit. Anyway, they did improve a lot and leveled up! Somehow, I am satisfy with my second visit.

Pictures speak:
Secret Garden Bistro, Ipoh.

Smoked Duck Pasta RM27.90
Smoked duck breast was sliced into bite size portion and paired well with spaghetti. Smoked duck breast  was easy to chew on and not over-cooked. The pasta cooked tender and added with freshly sliced Shiitake Mushrooms and freshly minced garlic. To make it more delectable and presentable, watercress made the final garnishing.

Carbonara Spaghetti RM20.90
I personally love this plate very much! It doesn't make me feel "jelak" even though I finish up the whole plate. The serving size was just nice and the white creamy sauce was not overly cheezy, which suits my liking. 
Sliced bacon and sliced shiitake mushroom was added to jazz up the plain pasta, garnished with watercress to  make a perfection course. 

Chinese Dumpling RM9.80 (6 pieces)
This appetizer dish only available during CNY period, appeared on the CNY menu but not the usual menu.
Very presentable but upon savoring, big disappointment! Totally failed!

Chicken Parmigianina RM31.90
Portion was big enough to fill up and better than my previous experience which most dishes comes in small portion and fail to fill up the tummy. Chicken was tenderly cooked, topped with cheese melted giving a gooey-like feeling. Comes with 2 side dishes : Salad and spaghetti. 

The outlook of the restaurant

Another view outside the restaurant

Some gathering pics with ex-schoolmates:

Secret Garden Bistro, Ipoh.
42A, Lorong Cheah Cheang Lim, 
30250 Ipoh, Perak.
Contact : 05-241 0412 / 012-575 7594

Food : 7/10
Service : 7/10
Pricing : 5/10
Ambiance : 7/10



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Hi Bay, thx for yr comment.=]