Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dine @ Secret Garden Bistro, Ipoh.

It's Sunday peeps! Spent my days with the family, went for grocery shops and window shops around Parkson/Ipoh Parade. Alot of changes made in this mall, I have not been into this mall for a year, I suppose? Crap!

Anyways, mom suggested to have our dinner at Secret Garden, a real secret fine dining places located in between the neighborhood. It is kinda hard to find the place even I am an Ipohrian. Luckily bro and his gf went before for his gf's late birthday celebration. So, he drove us there. And here we are, at Secret Garden Bistro!

Oops, we were abit early there but it's ok. They have good hospitality, the waitress seated us and give us the menu to browse through. After wondering and looking at each other, asked the waitress what is their specialties, we've made up our mind what to order.

The lady boss is a very kind and gentle lady, she switched off the air-cond and turned the ceiling fan to slower speed after knowing there is a heavy rain outside, worrying we might catch cold. Awww, touched!
By the way, the ambiance is nice! Playing some oldies and my fav Emi Fujita songs! Sort of romantic environment, best for couples who wish to go for a cozy find dine restaurant. Decorated with classic style wooden chair, old radio and others antique furnitures.

The restaurant serves alcohol such as beer in pints, fresh brews, wine and liquor! To me, the price is affordable at RM14 for half pint. 

Can't bear the hunger anymore...let's go to the food!
                                                             Earl Grey Tea of Twinings RM8.90 . My all time favorite English Tea! 
 Americano RM8.90 
4 Season Sandwich RM20.90 (A set of perfect selection of steak, salmon, salad & English sandwich) 
The Wild Grilled Special RM36.90 (From topleft is grilled chicken, beed, sausages, pita bread, special sauce, and grilled lamb)
The chicken brings disappointment, kinda cold and salty to my liking. Beef was good enough with pita bread. The sauce goes nice with the meats as well. Lamb was abit hard and sausages are just normal ones.
Overall, I found that my plate doesn't compatible with the price and more like snacks than main dish. Not full even I've finished it up.

Grilled pasta with bacons (Sorry for the low-quality pic as bro was in a hurry to eat them up, forgot to take down the price)
Anyway, this dish was awesome and I like it! Abit spicy for my liking but it is worth eating!

Secret Garden Bistro, Ipoh.
42A, Lorong Cheah Cheang Lim, 
30250 Ipoh, Perak.
Contact : 05-241 0412 / 012-575 7594

Click here to join their Facebook page! Call them up for reservation if you wish to have a party over there, they do catering/buffet for large group of people!

Food : 7.5/10
Service : 8/10
Pricing : 5/10
Ambiance : 7/10

Overall, it is good. The only problem is the price does not compatible with the serving size of dishes.

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