Saturday, December 4, 2010

Starbucks Coffee, Borders Bookstore @ The Gardens, Mid Valley.

Starbucks has always been my favorite hangout place for the past few years. No doubt, some people will have the thought of needing to pay more than 10bucks just for a cup of coffee is not worth. Somehow, I felt that paying at such price for a cup of coffee is quite worth as you can enjoy the environment, free wifi services, good hospitality from the staff/barista(s), comfortable sofa seats and most importantly coffee of premium blended beans.

Well, you probably can find any branches of Starbucks at any malls in Malaysia, how about Borders Bookstore? Not all state in Malaysia are having this bookstores. Had been paying a few visits to Starbucks, Borders Bookstore at The Gardens, MV lately and I am loving it! You can enjoy free reading of books/magazines from Borders Bookstores besides the other benefits mentioned above. This is the best part because I simply love reading magazines!!

Starbucks aims to be "the third place" after home and place of work/study. It is a place where people would be most welcomed, which means allowing them to sit and relax and "form communities". Who knows you might pop into someone else or just chillax with your besties. By the way, people do not get "chased away" when they have finished their drinks or even left a single drop of coffee in the mug, customers can stay as long as they like. From my very own experience, I had only 2 cups of coffee and end up sitting there from 12pm-12am, till it close. The staff never "shoo" away their customer from the premises when the drinks have been consumed. The staff always put their customers on the priority providing a real good service. Their generosity really impress me till I would take my own cups to the counter rather than waiting the staff to collect them from the table. They are kind and friendly staff where you can always have some small talks with them. Up to now, Starbucks is the coffee retail outlet which provide good hospitality. Love them so much! >.<

I would say Starbucks, Borders Bookstore is a great place to relax because it is located at the end of the bookstore, not much people knowing it. Feeling peace when sitting on the comfortable sofa, enjoying the environment playing Xmas carol (it's Dec!), peaceful enough for me!
Drop by at Starbucks, Borders Bookstore @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City if you are looking for peaceful, relaxing hangout places.
Chicken Finger Sandwich RM7 (Request the sandwich to be toasted, bit disappointed as the taste is kinda weird)
 Toffee Nut Frappuccino (New flavor for Christmas 2010) ~ Too sweet for my liking
Signature Hot Chocolate & Banana Chocolate Muffin (Drinks is too sweet while the muffin taste good but they can't get along well, way too full for me) Simply love the muffin, crust in the outside and soft in the inside.^.^
Java Chip & Banana Choc Muffin @ Suria KLCC.
Food : 6.5/10
Service : 9/10
Pricing : 7/10 
Ambiance : 7/10


FISH said...

boo !! XD glad that you know how to enjoy your life to the fullest!! I love hanging out at starbucks too~ be it alone or with buddies, just love it there!

elaine-mia said...

thx Fish....
nvr thought u still notice abt my blog...haha....
thx for visiting yea..
and yup! I love enjoy life as long as I can, we can't predict wht wil happen nxt second in life, why nt njoy while we can, dontcha?
I prefer being alone in Sbux..luv d peace moment...<3