Sunday, October 3, 2010


Some sharing of the week:

1. Jason called me up on Friday asking whether I can make it to his birthday party on 9th Oct. Guys, it's Oct Babies Dinner Party especially for bloggers!! Am still considering but Jason need to make confirmation and pay deposit to the restaurant. Something got into my mind now, if I miss out the party, I would definitely miss out alot of chances of meeting great friends, bloggers and opportunities!! Gosh! SHOULD I ATTEND JASON'S BIRTHDAY PARTY???...->Yay! Will be attending his party on coming Saturday along with my 2 dearies.

2. Started my work on 1st Oct. Upon stepping in to the newly opened bar, something attracted me! Aww, it's the light attached on the ceiling! It's beautiful and more importantly, it is of vintage style with sweet pink roses. Love the games thingy placed on the bar, they look nice too. The whole bar concept is a combination of contemporary interior and oldies vintage style, along with some white rattan chairs. It is like you are stepping into a garden serving alcohol and R&B playbacks as well as Oldies too. Erm, I would say it is a real nice combination concept, dark curtains, sofas, bars made of bricks, furnitures..... Overall, it is GREAT! Though it is my first time and first day working in such environment, it is indeed a good experience and am proud to get praise from the boss. Glad that I hit the highest sales, sad thing was I got a terrible sore throat and flu. XOXO.....

3. Here comes a little bit annoying problems, wanted to throw them out somewhere like where I use to throw them on Twitter or FB. I resisted and stop doing so because when I wanted to do so, I am reminded of your advice. Thank you so much. 就算只是短短的二十分钟,却感到开心。无缘无故的笑了,这是什么呢?久久一次的笑容带来了开心, 谢谢。

p/s: Tipsy | Hangover 

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