Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Octoberians Birthday Dinner Party

Was glad to be invited to attend a bloggers party over the weekend. The October babies are Jason Chan, Michael Yip and Jeremy Choy. Supposedly celebrating at Alexis, Bangsar but venue was changed due to the overwhelming numbers of attendees. So, the location changed to Gaja Bistro & Cafe @ Maarof Junction.

Tagged along my two dearies, Saki and Charmaine. We were too punctual reaching at 8pm but KL people are always the late ones. Jason was busy being a mobile GPS to his friends over the phone. Till then, he introduced the birthday boy, Mike, one of the celebrity bloggers and involve actively in events management and other guests as well. Sorry couldn't remember all the names but only faces. Jeremy/@bboyrice was inside the restaurant with all his buddies. He introduced them to us as well.

The dinner started in a short while, pity Jason the one who running up and down managing the whole party since he was the organizer. Let the pictures do the talkings...
Sausages, Salad with olives, Spaghetti, Lamb Shack, Potato salad..yummy!
L-Blueberry toppings with cream cheese, R-Localities dessert of fine chopped mangoes, sago and glutinous rice. 
Was picked as lucky draw winners
My lucky draw gift from Jason. 
Mike making wish and blowing candles
Jeremy the birthday boy hitting the age of 21!! Congratz
Jason the organizer whose bday falls on 18 Oct 2010

Yoo!! Here's the bboy fr Rawang! 
Birthday cakes from Jason. L-Tiramisu, M-forgotten wht's the name, R-Blueberry Choc
Cake cutting ceremony
Jeremy giving a toss to all. Guess he was abit high tht night..:P
Lastly, group picture!! *psst, I am standing beside Josh, we were too short alr*

Overall, it was a nice one alt there's abit of boring but it is fine. Glad to meet the famous bloggers, the medias and other people as well. It is my pleasure to meet Josh in person, the founder of Adverlets. To my surprise, he asked me did we ever meet somewhere else before. Then I told him we have some chat over the net before but not meeting in real person yet. Anyway, glad to knw others as well. 

Gaja Bistro & Cafe @ Maarof Junction
Jalan Maarof
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Food : 7/10
Service : 7/10
Pricing : 7/10
Ambiance :7/10

Photos grabbed from : Serge Norguard
                                   Mike Yip

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