Friday, September 3, 2010

Relaxing Weekends

*Late updates
Had a relaxing weekends with the gangs back from KL. Since it's a long holiday for all, it's time to gather with the gangs and have some fun throughout the weekend. Had an early birthday celebration for Lai and Me at Lush Bar, Ipoh on a Saturday night. Indeed a great night with the gangs!

Attendee: Alex, Sam, Lai, Kelly, Yen, Esther, Alice, Carol and Ivy. 

Spent most of my day time at home resting and visited the grands. Played with my doggies and do some surfings without going out for shopping like others. Simply love the restful moment.

On Merdeka Eve, had my first meal at Boston at 11pm as I've been busy through out the day. Thanks dear for accompanying me for the meal. Felt sad and throw all my feelings out...felt better after spelling out the sad story and thx for the advice. Following a yum char session at Browns Cafe with Alex and the gang. People are countdown-ing at clubs but we are having tea at a cafe...LOL.
 Darjeeling & Earl Grey Tea

 Attendee : Alex, Lai, Ray, Sam, Alice, Kelly & Me.

p/s : I love the night! I'll remember the words you gave and make a right choice.

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