Saturday, September 4, 2010


Happy Birday to myself!!!! Hitting 22 this year, getting older but always stay young and happy!!

Had an AWESOME night with my babes! First time ever in my life I have such great sista celebrated for me. Seriously big thanks to Fiona, the organizer of the night and the sista(s)!! Had our dinner at Citrus, a cozy restaurant with nice environment. We had our next round at Lush Bar, Ipoh *psst, it's ladies night with free flow alcohol servings!* Captured lotsa FAT photos!!

It's a great and fun night with the girls...psst, ONLY GIRLS NIGHTOUT! Hearted the sista(s) alot...appreciate it =]
Thanks to Alex and Sam as well meeting us at Lush.  Thanks to Saki for the birthday song dedication at Lush Bar....sweet! Thanks to DJ Katak for playing the songs! Thanks to my FB friends for the wishes. Most importantly thanks to my mommy being the first one who texted me wished me Happy Birthday!! Love mummy!!! Thanks to my lovely brother for spamming my wall with countless wishes! Thank you to my friends who texted me with wishes!

Lotsa love and kisses..muax!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Babes: Fiona Clee, Emilie, KY, Gywen, Yiin, Saki & Charmaine

Sista Gywen & Yiin
The funny ones
Group pics
Lush Bar
 Emilie 38 sista...haha
Yiin and Clee
Saki, Char and Emilie
                                                                       Sam, Alex and Amanda
KY in the club! 

Birthday gifts : 
A simple pendant gift from you. Never expect but thanks.
 Tq to my bestie-Eric for the mascara! Can't live without mascara...^.^

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