Monday, July 26, 2010


Yes, I am a big talker
Everyone sees me as a strong and tough young lady
I stayed positive every moment
I cheered up my friends
I gave advice to people
I laughed happily with friends

Even when I am down and stress up with works
I told myself not to worry
Everything will be fine
Stay positive and relax my mind
Things will turn out to be a nice one

It is all an outer shell
Simply shyts and craps

I felt broken-down
I hate to be pretentious
I hate unproductive works!
But I hate unproductive and worthless tears the max!

Ice-cream Theory
 If life is all easy, there would not be any ice-cream
If we get through the hard ones, we deserve a reward
The Ice-cream

p/s: I prefer the happy ones with me.

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