Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chillax Saturday Night

It's been awhile since our last hangout together, 24/7/2010 is the night we gather again and chill. Tagged along my girls with me and had our girls night out besides a small gathering with my buddies.

Big thanks to Eric for coming down to Kampar all the way from Ipoh to fetch us. Kinda early upon reaching Club 9, here are some snap shots with my dearies.

Had a crazy night with the guys and my sista! To my dear bro, no mixed alcohol next time yea! Ending up with two drunkards, pukes and stuff...yikes! Luckily I did not puke after seeing people puke *grin*. Oh my dearies, you both are way too heavy, dragged two drunkards out from the club. Phew!

Met up with a lot of friends, the night looks as if it was our secondary gatherings. Awww, I miss our gang!
A huge thanks to Eric for fetching us back and to Jayz as well for following us behind, just to carry my drunky sista..LOL!

A tired one but happy and enjoyable night with you guys. Love our girls night out and guys night out, cheers!

The Bachelors: Eric, Bryant, Jayz, Matthew, Alex, Sam
The Sista: Gywen, Fiona & Me

Venue: Club 9, Ipoh
Ambience: 7/10
Service: 7/10

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