Saturday, July 24, 2010


 A normal human being always have the right to feel the way they want to. Feelings sometimes are controllable and uncontrollable at times.

Emotional - Everyone can control their emotions but not all emotion feelings can be controlled. You can manipulate your own emotion, but which is true? More than often, a human's feelings get affected emotionally according to situation. There is no wrong or right for being emotional, it is simply a human's feelings. Never ever judge or critic a person's feelings, being emo doesn't mean a total form of negative thinking rather a different way of revealing his/her feelings.

Painful emotions - Every human being come across with agonizing moments. It hurts badly, torturing and disturbing, causing one another tears uncontrollably. So what? It is still a normal human being's feelings, simply a constant reaction towards the happenings.The pain have no limits, no expire date. It comes ON and OFF constantly. No one can predict when will it end, perhaps a less painful ones.

PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) - A common illness in every woman, any symptoms it can be, headaches, backaches, migraines or hot tempered. Never be surprise, men suffer PMS too. They can be a student or a working adult. You can easily say : My boss is having PMS today *psst, is a HE*. Simply because he is showing you his angry look or shouting at the staffs early morning. It can be anything. I have numbers of boy-friends told me they had PMS, and I will reply them : What kind of PMS are you having?After all, PMS is just one of the feelings.

Feelings are just a touch, an emotional perception existing in every individuals. Even a pigheaded person has his soft hearted side too. As I always said, females are an emotional species, males are the same as well. Through my observation, I found a lot of males tend to be more emotional than females. Anyway, no gender discrimination because they are human too.
Feelings are a strong, powerful element resides deep in everyone's body, mind and soul. You will never know when it comes to you, no matter sorrow or joy. Many times, an individual hopes he can pull off the bad feelings. Somehow, it never happen as it is hard and almost zero percent to make it. Ending up, the feelings are still there, perhaps planted deep inside a heart where someday, you will suddenly feel the pitch. Since it could not be pull off, might as well throw it far deep inside and pretend as if you never have such feelings before. Once again, it is simply because you are a pigheaded person. One day, you still will feel it because you care. Everyone cares about each and another, just that the way of caring vary individually. 

Feelings = A life's recycle.


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