Friday, June 4, 2010

Week 1 @ UTAR Kampar

Hi peeps, has been away from this little cottage for some days. I'm back to my hometown and definitely would spare some time to do some updates here. Well, past few nights has been a hectic one. Packed with yum char session with the gangs, gatherings dinner with friends and a birthday celebration with my bestie-> Yvonna a.k.a QiQi.

By the way, yum char session causes me lost 100bucks! Got summon by patrol car police. Am wondering how come lately they become so active and hardworking especially during night time. *a real expensive air suam*

1st June 2010, Yvonna's 22nd Birthday celebrated at one of the Tong Sui shop near Grand Kampar hotel. *forget the shop's name* Picha do the talkings :
June's Baby Girl
FourEver Sista
The Classmates
It's us again! *PL always shut eyes one*

Let's get on with other days...It is Week 1, attended lecture and tutorial classes. Felt disappointed with a few as some tutors are new, while some have no idea what to do for the first week. *Speechless with UTAR management*
By the way, it is my final year in UTAR, gonna start my FYP soon. Hopefully everything goes well, GOD bless.

Well, there is a surprise from my lecturer today. They invited a team of motivators/speakers all the way from KL to give talk in the hall. We were all surprised that our lecture class turned into a 2.5hrs session of inspirational talk. Who is these people? They are from 95% Advertising Academy. To know more, please click here.
Personally, I like Shahnaz who is a good speaker and he speaks so well and fluently in English. Surprisingly, he is the only one speaker who able to keep me stay fresh during the talk *usually i fall asleep in such seminar*. He started off with a very simple yet fun game named "Simon says". It is indeed a nice one which makes us laugh and feel refresh early in the morning. Thanks to the team for their sharing on the trainings they had.
I hope to join the coming up training namely SPARKS. It is a 3 day training that will guides you to discover a greater you. This training session will be held on 18th-20th June 2010 at Allson Hotel Putra Nilai, costing at MYR1,800. *wish to go so badly!* Oh ya, they have other training as well, you can stay update with their blog or websites. You can catch them anytime on Twitter too!

Headed back to Ipoh at 1pm, took me an hour to reach due to the jams. Went to the workshop to fix my little yellowy, MYR110 gone *heart throb*. The workshop personnel told me need two hours to fix the car which makes me boring. Lucky son is on the way and came to the workshop but Miss Siti told me it is done. Fine then, went over Jusco with my dear son. Just a simple shop and spend again, bought tickets for tomorrow's movie "Prince of Persia". By the way, bought two magazines from MPH. At the same time, bought a late pressie for someone dearie. Hope she likes it! *That's our purpose to go over Jusco*
Women's Weekly June Edition
Smart Investor June's Publication

Had a simple dinner with mommy, a tiring day but piles of work to be completed. It will be a hectic weekend for me. Dates with the family and the babes...

p.s: How I wish to be there with you now.

~Cherish & appreciate every moment~

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