Thursday, June 10, 2010

Out of The Mundane

Entering into week 2 for the final year first semester, still in a mess of everything. Poor tutors
*so called PHD students* failed to convey message to the students *was totally lost*.
Insufficient of educators in this crucial semester/final year is a totally nerve racking ones! We, the students nearly get high blood pressure!

To cool myself off from these hassles, had a chilled night with the gangs! What we have on a Wednesday night in Ipoh? Guess it would be less happening as it is a weekday, compared with the urban area ones. But, to my surprise, Barroom & Club 9 still having their crowds as usual...probably due to the limited space or so. Let's peep on what we have at Lush Bar Ipoh, it's WORLD CUP JERSEY NIGHT! Joined Alex and the gang, was kinda boring until there are crowds coming in. Got some paints on both of my arms, I had Japan country logo on my right arm! *pics to be uploaded soon* . Oh ya, I got Orkid flowers paint on my left arm, thanks to SUBS professional for the drawings.
The Gang

Artistic ones
I like the flower..thx to the professionals from SUBS
World Cup Fever 2010
Fatt Hao Nai Ma

Went over Barroom and saw someone I would not expect to meet. LIEW JYE!!! Oh my gosh, both of us kept screaming like nobody, hugging each other over and over again! It's been so many years we did not meet each other, even after she flew back to Malaysia last few weeks from the United States, we did not meet up for cuppa. So happy to meet her at somewhere which I would not expect to be->Barroom. Had a drink with her friends, Ivan and another guy *can't recall his name*. Later on, she told me Yew was there too. It's our long lost secondary school mate! Gosh, I met two old school mates in Barroom. It's been almost 7 years since our last meeting. Had another drink with Yew/Lucas with his boss. Following, I went to meet up with Lindy, Yew Hing/Ryan with their friends, drank with them and went back to Lush.

Choi Yee came and joined us, have fun with paints, drinks and dance. Camwhoring non-stop! Love the night with u guys! Indeed a special night met up with 2 ex-schoolmates.

The gangs@Lush Bar: Alex, Sam, Alan, Choi Yee, Yannie, Wyatt, Will & GF.
The unexpected@Club 9: Liew Jye, Ng Teng Yew/Lucas.
Utarians@Club 9: Lindy, Yew Hing and the friends.

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