Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kampar 2D1N

Am back to Kampar!!
Can be both happy and sad
Happy->can meet up with the babes
Sad->the stupid hot weather makes me sweat n sticky!

Tonite gonna be ycha night with the gangs
Alot to catch up with them..

Had dinner with my dearies
and blow water, laugh alot..
and keep bully by them.. not KL ppl lar...
almost cry le...Ms.Clee..!

Dinner Appetizer: Jesper, HL
Main Course:KY, Wei Wei, Emilie, Clee, Angi, Saki, Benny
Dessert: Char, MH

Yum Char session switch fr McD to Gharny
Miss those days when we hang out at mamak everynite
But now, so many new faces
Feeling so strange back to UTAR Kampar
everything and everyone seems like changing
hardly catch up with them

p.s: Congrats to Angi & Eu Gene...Char & MH!! Stay happily ever after...


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