Friday, February 12, 2010

Indescribable Tiredness

*Late post for 11th Feb 2010 (Thursday)

Well, it started off with a briefing at Yayasan Dept. And after knowing all the details and knw what our job scope as volunteer. Here we go heading off to Sunway fr ofc. It's gonna be a "fun"day for me...bwhahahaha!!

Reached Sunway Pyramid and get a park, head off to The Chicken Rice shop, one of the co-sponsor for today's charity event. Oh ya, my partner is an old uncle aged 60+, sad case, i have to take care him as well..sigh!! First time take early lunch , but its actually my bfast at 1030am!!! And it is hell lotsa food till we can't finish it but others volunteers which is those old uncle aunties manage to finish it! Swt=.=.... they are so kuat makan..LOLz..

Next, head to the Lion Head..(main entrance) and wait for the old folks arrival. Guess what? There are gonna be 300 old folks from different Old Folks home, any kind of old folks from stroke patient, partly blind, oldest folks and so on....9 buses taking them will arrive at Sunway Pyramid and it's gonna be a huge crowd. Put on my volunteer sticker and here we go, starting off job of the day-> VOLUNTEERS!!

Arrange and coordinate properly all the foods and drinks for them as they will be having meals in the bus coz there are not enough space to occupy such numbers of old folks. Unfortunately Grace Klang, which is the home i in-charge of are late. No choice but have to change plan, and i have to run up and down looking for trolleys to take all the foods back to The Chic Rice shop and let them have their meal there. I have to check out where is the lift and the shortest way to walk to TGV! Darn!! Why they never co-ordinate and make things clear at the very first place and end up kelam-kabut last minute. Luckily i manage to settle everything down with my feet aching coz wearing my new shoes running around! It's RUN, not walk!!

Am damn tired but have to take care the folks, make sure they eat well and bring them to the toilets! Once again, bad things happened. Loading lift are not working out of sudden, and i have to take them to escalator where those care taker and manager strongly disagree but i have to assure them, we have to do it!! No choice but to carry 1 folks and another, going up to escalator one by one!! Lucky get help from a handsome photographer *looks like Tony Wong*....

After make sure everything is in a proper way, we lead them in to cinema and Angel Wong Chui Ling (Ambassador) for this charity giving out goodies bag fr Hoi Tin Tong which sells Gui Ling Gao. And the main sponsor->Hoi Tin Tong boss giving out ang paos to them.

The folks were so happy and keep on saying TQ to everyone of us for helping them. I felt touched at every moment they say TQ to me..tears almost out. They were so pity being left by children at old folks home.

Anyway, settle them down in the cinema alr wasted alot of time. Celebrity and other reporters as well as volunteers getting into the cinema. And the show that we are going to watch is 72家租客. The movie is not bad and i know why they choose this movie coz Hoi Tin Tong is one of the sponsor for this move too...:P

After movie is about 4pm. Took them to toilet and lead them to the loading lift,'s fixed. Bring them out and wait for the bus. Phew!!! We all are sweating and tiring...but happy that the folks are happy^^. Later on, Hoi Tin Tong manager treated us starbucks->Zen Tea..@#$%

Thought i can rest but not so early coz need to go bck to ofc and head to Chung Ling High association. Gonna be the walking GPS and lead the way to Crystal Crown hotel coz it's nearby. Damn traffic jam along Federal Highway..sienz!! Had co dinner and drink wine with my super headache and tired! Feet are not mine anymore...swallon shoulders.. Need a body massage lerr...XD

ps: Taking leave on Friday and going bck to my htown!! Miss everyone!!

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