Friday, February 19, 2010

Going back to KL

*A late post for Wednesday (17 Feb 2010)

It's 4th day for CNY and am leaving bak to KL today. Before leave, i gather up my babes and do some visit from house to house. Gamblings, taking ang paos and chit chatting..
The girls came to my house at 1130am coz am leaving at 3pm. Gamble awhile then went to Pek Lee's house. Cont gamble but it's not my day, lose few bucks.

Headed back to home at 130pm, get myself prepared and doubled check my stuff. Then, mom fetched me to Canning Garden meet up with Ray. Tumpang his car back to KL...
3 of us were stuck in the jam..Sungkai, Bidor, Tapah....same place matter going North or South..still jam..sigh..=.=

It is a bad traffic day but we manage to reach KL in 2.5hrs. And here it goes, rain pour down..better than Ipoh never rain at all. It's heavy rain and we reach home at 530pm.
Hungry for whole day as i only have my bfast for the day. Get to watch my fav movie, MamaMia again..^^
It's alr 8pm, head to Plus 8 for dinner. Not bad...

What a tiring day, lazy unpack my stuff...bathe and hit the sack!


Nor Ramli said...

That movie not boring and fun to watch n the songs are awesome.. :)

elaine-mia said...

Yea.. Thts y watch over again. Like d songs. It reminds me of my childhood days ..^^