Sunday, December 27, 2009

Last day in SG

Woke up at 11am...coz sleep at 4am..sigh! Then go for our brunch at 12pm at Red Star Restaurant 红星酒楼, a typical chinese restaurant serving dim sum fr morning till 3pm. Wow, what a crowd, need to queue up when we reached at 1230pm. The dim sum were so nice and it's worth paying for the portion served. Total damage SGD78. The restaurant is located near Clark Quay Riverside, at Chin Swee Rd. It is just so delicious but i can't take much as im too full alr.

After brunch, went to Chinatown for a walk. Looks alike Malacca Jonker St. Many cheap stuff but mostly concentrated on tourist... Cross over to People's Park Plaza, nothing much there, just looks like HK those old mall...kinda pack and mixed up. Hardly differentiate which is original or counterfeit product/brand. Personally, i like Clark Quay with the riverside..if can stay at one of the condo would be good..~dreaming~...

SG condo is just too exp, min SGD1.5million to own a fully furnished condo. It's MINIMUM!
I am too sleepy along our journey, so head back home and rest. Pack stuff, tried to squeeze everything into a bag and i know it is impossible..gonna take all the stuff up and down once get over check point and kastam...dam! *Need a slave!!*

After staying for few days in SG, kinda get used to life in SG...roads and places are easy to reach as the signboards in SG are clearly and specific enough. Malls and marts as weel as transportation are available through out the city. Makes everything convenient for the people. Like it! Unlike KL, dirty and complicated...speechless about Msia if compared with SG.

Get alot info and knowledge of SG fr my friends and relatives. It is quite useful if im going to work in SG in future. Gov are giving good benefits to the citizens as well as PRs'. Providing everything in a convenient way to the people. SG gov are just smart and providing their citizens the best one. Looking forward to visit SG again next year.^^


It's evening, time for dinner, take along our luggage into the car and head to Thong Soon Rd. for 小龙包dinner..the restaurant is owned by a Shanghai man and its a family business. Their signature dish-小龙包 are hand made on the spot, served freshly. The name of the restaurant are 上海人家. We ordered noodles, 生煎包,小龙包,炒豆苗, 炒年糕..etc. They served pure fresh 菊花茶,thumbs up for that! Upon stepping into the restaurant, u can feel the surrounding and environment is alike with those China's restaurant, a typical chinese restaurant. Thong Soon area is abit small as it is a landed property area, housing area la...unfortunately the boss said he is shifting his restaurant after Dec, What a waste...the dishes taste so good! When giving a bite to the 小龙包,the gravy is oozing out and it is just so awesome. 生煎包is kinda oily as they deep fry it, but it taste good too alt it is abit oily.

Done with our dinner and it is time to head to Golden Mile to take bus back Ipoh lu...alt kinda early but me and mom sit and wait till 945pm only board to the bus. What a coincident?! Saw Angie and her family at the bus station!! Aiks, last day of my trip only saw her..pity gal tmr morning have to rush bck Kampar for presentation. Good Luck!

Reached Ipoh at 520am..back fr SG is so fast bcz the driver really speeding...compared to the bus going to SG, today's bus early 1hr reach Ipoh. It's time to nap awhile and unpack all my stuff..nite guys!

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