Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 4 - SG

It's Saturday!! Had a great nite yesterday and thanks for all the Xmas gift!! Hmm, woke up early and continue my shopping today..but i thk today can only be a window shop as i used up all my SGD im dry out already..truly broke!

Went to Vivo City, walked around, saw SENTOSA just opposite it..looks nice..but whole day dunno why just no shopping mood, perhaps no more $$$ alr...Vivo City nothing much to shop, just look around...
But, i found 2 pairs of heels at River Island!! Like it so much...SGD95 per pair..swt..but i like it so much! End up din buy also...sad sad sad!!!
Found out SG quite convenient when u want to go to any places, SMRT ..(MRT & LRT) makes things much more easier...

Then take MRT back to Cityhall, walked to Marina went to 3 malls today...Vivo City, Marina Square and Citylink. Had lunch at 3pm at Just Acia, quite cheap plus there are free flow of beverages and desserts. It is some sort of cafe doing promotion, serving Magnolia ice-cream as desserts. Plus many types of beverages that you can choose from including Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino, soft drink floats, etc. Suddenly heavy rain, so we just stay at Marina Square until uncle came and fetch us for following programme at 6pm.

Went to Marina Barrage, its awesome as we can view the the city and look at people playing kite it is windy over there in the evening. Weather is so cooling, we walked around and take some pichas...go into Sustainable Singapore Gallery to look at the water process methods and other informations all about water...

Later on went for dinner, suppose go to Geylang for steamboat but kids were starving, so we jsut had our dinner at Marina Barrage's 7th Floor Restaurant. Haha, it is a Hainanese Seafood Restaurant..why name it 7th Floor Restaurant? Because those days there is a hotel which has only 7 floor located at Bugis. So, ordered 5 dishes and total damage! Bcz Garupa fish cost SGD90..but overall rating for that restaurant's food and services 8/10 larr...

After finish dinner, it was 8pm alr..stepped out fr restaurant, the city's lights are on, scenery was beautiful..cont take pics but my camera no more battery..sigh! So take my cousin's hp to snap some there can view the whole SG Flyer and the coming convention center as well as the casino and 3 tower of hotel...fantastic! Plus the water pool at Marina Barrage are nice too...with lights on, kids playing in the pool...water splashing out...great!

Later on, cont our journey to Esplanade!! The so-called "2 durian"..bcz the building looks like durian..hahaz... Parked our car and per entry cost SGD5.50!! wth!! damn exp...
Esplanade was awesome, there are bars and bistro..bands singing live to entertain the people...facing the ocean...the ocean has a T sign made up fr balls which contains the people wishes for Xmas and new year. Quite interesting...surrounding the Esplanade was SG Flyer, SG Merlion, coming convention center and casino "The Sans" , nearby is Fullerton Hotel. And One Fullerton which has the Merlion figure..alot of tourist are there to snap the best shot of SG night view. At One Fullerton, there is a many people are queueing up to enter into the club..envy!

Before go back, we passed along Chinatown, Geylang and Clark Quay.
Well, if u are looking for origin chinese food, Geylang is one of the best choice bcz there are many China people opened restaurant over there. According to my uncle, durian at Geylang are the u can see many stalls along the roadside are selling fruits especially durian, the signature one!
Clark Quay, best place for dine and wine. Just have some alcohol and chat with friend...nice place to chill!

Head back home as i have no energy alr...dam exhausted for the passed few no more $ alr..sigh!

ps: Say NO to shopping!!

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