Thursday, November 19, 2009

Y.E.A.R 2009

Well, it is almost year end of 2009. Overall, rated 2/5. Because it just not my lucky year, many things happened! I understand that humans life are full with ups and downs, but this year is obviously not my year=not my day.

From the very beginning of year, it goes quite well except some family affairs. Studies doing good either. Going into mid-year, things start to show it's bad side...problems encountered non-stop! swt...=.=

Starting from Aug, my life is entering to a stage where i start to break down=low battery. Many things happened, relationship matters as well as friendship problems. Even my financial problems is encountering...what a damn one!

September month is truly bad month for me. Final exams on this month as well as relationship problems. Can't denied, it affected my result badly. But i knew i deserved it...bcz i caused it happened myself. Own problem! can't blame anyone.... Plus internship problems is bothering me..bad luck la...

October commenced, here comes a bad one to me...Erm, or should i say not so worse compared to Sept month. Things come to an end, a poor solution to a problem, bcz there is no other solution to it alr. Worse come to worse, this is the decision to be made. And it becomes a fact where I have to force myself to take it no matter how. I knew it gonna be a tough one for me to go through it. Anyway, still have to make life goes on. Perhaps start a new life, who knows it might be a good one which eventually transform myself to a greater ELAINE!

It's November now, but things never get better around me. My lappy announced to be "dead". Have to buy a new one but i don't feel happy at u guys know the reason. Experiencing taking bus back to Ipoh alone for the very first time. Because since the beginning of my life in Kampar, YOU had entered into my life and walk through with me for 1 year plus. Start to worrying internship because many of my friends is facing problems with UTAR placement. Utar is just so sucks! Damn regret choose UTAR at the very 1st place. Should have choose other uni that UTAR!

December will be the month i going to do my final exam for this short sem. Just 2 subs, hopefully i can do it well. Pray to GOD, FAS pls come out with a better exam schedule. So that i can spend my X'mas in SG! Hope to have a different celebration of Xmas this year with my lovely buddies. Can't wait for the day to present, shoppings, camwhore..woohoo!! Yippy! Damn excited... *lucky my passport expired in year 2011* Mom scared me...lolx..

Wanted to start a brand new ME by year 2010, and improve to a better ME in year 2010. Will be going to KL for intern. Hopefully i can change alot, from attitude to personality to my idiotic character. From top to toe, i would like to get a makeover too..challenge something new which i never try before. Perhaps changing my style of clothing to a young and matured look? Hmm...wondering how will it looks like since im alr 21 years old. Change my hairstyle and my body size, ewh...damn fat now! Wanted to change MY STYLE!

Dear Ben, although we can't be together but i appreciate everything u did for me. Let us keep the memories we had. And for the following time, let's have a new memories together as close friend, sharing joy and sadness. Having fun with a gang of buddies and make our uni life a cherish one. Hope u too appreciate and keep those stuff or memories we had. I wish you lead a greater and happier life in future, and do well in yr studies. All the best in life and future undertakings. May GOD bless you and wish luck always by yr side. I hope the same goes to me.

P/s: Let's cherish our life to a better one. It's time to change!! I want a new life style!

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Anonymous said...

hey elaine.stay strong!u can do it girl.=)..start a new life and forget the past!god bless u.