Friday, November 20, 2009

Gloomy Friday!

What a boring Friday i had...whole day sit in front of desktop FB and msn..but not so much people chat with me on msn, cuz evyone was busying. sigh!
FB till so sien..not much updates...

Well, bro starts his work today. Gotta be driver again..even i have the car today but i choose to stay home whole day bcz dun feel like going to anywhere. Not even feel to eat..end up din eat until dinner time. Mom back from work then only we go to Tesco Station 18. Why go there? Cox bro is working there and we waited him fin work at 8pm. Only then we go for dinner, outside was raining so we just simply eat in Tesco. Ate Pizza Hut..damn sucks! Hate Pizza Huts!!!!

Not much to talk about today..just a gloomy day to me..dun wish to talk too much about the bad feelings today. Sorry to my little "Box Of Voices" are the only place i can throw out all my feelings to..but not today. Gotta off to bed soon. Tomorrow will make myself busy with work!! Hopes tomorrow will be a busy day for stop me from thinking too much!

ps: San, update liao la..=.=''

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