Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday Blue

Week 5 commenced...boring Monday, din go for class cuz P today...damn suffer, roll over and over again on bed....can't do anything except crying for pain...no one was beside me when i need someone..miss the time u cook me porridge when i'm not feeling well..
Well, starve till late night only take my 1st meal of the day. Watched PPS whole day cuz nothing to do..just to spend time..waiting leader to divide work for BM...(Brand M/ment)
Lappy kena virus again when a blue screen suddenly pop up...darn!

Hmm, everyone must be wondering how i feel today...Well, i would just say my feeling today was an uncertainty one...cuz myself also dunno what should i feel..happy? nope...sad? not really... moody? perhaps... Whatever..!
Passed two days at KL was kinda hard for me cuz i felt bad..no mood shop nor eat...

Went to yumcha just now with Mimi and San..met Zhen & Coco..and some friends...
But...backed home...something heat me up!!!
And i am damn frust now!!!! *Burning*

ps: Hate u!

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