Tuesday, November 17, 2009

3am in the morning

It's 3am and i still stay awake not bcz im not sleepy. I really sleepy through out the day, but i manage to control myself from sleeping too much, especially when i think of something, i will just stay awake. Even morning, i will wake up automatically, perhaps some might think is this Elaine?
Yea, it's me, perhaps i had changed...woke up early rather than sleep till noon.

Will start to have a new life and make it a fun and fulfilled one!! Yay! Get it on!
Must stay positive and optimistic always...must make myself happy..must be cheered up every moment...Past ones will be leaved behind as the memories ... an unforgettable one...

Yea, friends are right, cherish the moments we had, memories can't be wiped but be proud that we had it once..used to have it once...
It is a stage where every human being will go through it, a process of life.

Dear, i will not hate u for what u did to me but it will be a lesson to me. Will not hate u but thank you for giving me such nice memory. Will always appreciate what u had done for me in that particular period. I will not hate u but rather wants to be your best best buddy...may i?
Keep in touch ok?


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