Monday, November 16, 2009

14 Nov 09'

Went to KL today..
due to i dun wan to be alone at kampar
begged parents to let me follow along
and they came and fetched me

Reached around 3pm, checked in
dad get free room at Federal Hotel
cuz he is involved in a function
RLLI..lions club leadership talk
he is one of the speaker..
yaya, dad wanted to bcm a pro speaker
and earn income fr tht..

Me and mom js bore
nthg to do
and planned to go shop
spent 2hrs at Sg.Wang
noticed that both of us shop quite fast
due to not so in mood
window shop only

At last saw KBS shop at Sg.Wang
Wanted to buy Skin79 BB Cream
but no $$$
pleaded mom...
then mom ask me to choose which i want
chose the RM149 Xmas package..
Golden Oriental free another sampel
Alt is bought alr..
but still im in bad mood...
no idea...

Next, went to Jogoya for dinner...
At 1st tot mom was joking
outside was drizzling
yet mom wanna walk to Starhill
so i brought her to Jogoya
RM88++ per pax
Paid alr only can enter
there are so many foods
that we can't resist
but i can't eat too much..
felt like kinda wasted..
waste money neh..
too full d!!!

walked slowly back to hotel..
and take early rest..
but i slept at 2am
tired and sleepy but can't sleep..

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