Monday, September 28, 2009


Yeah, MMT stupid exam, its over...hope can have good nite sleep and get my appetite back.
Back to Ipoh..but so headache now..mebe sit car too long gua..just not use to sit long journey car..
sigh! But im now updating my blog at ISC cuz mom went to gym and i can't back home 1st. pitying my strawberry brought by my dear fr Cameron, yeah..he is back, fr Cameron yesterday night but this morning went bck PG lu..sob sobz..will miss him lots! Ohya, my strawberry, scare it will get busuk cuz taken out fr fridge since noon 12pm until now.Darn!

Thx dear for buying me so many things..most happy one was he remember i love Earl Grey tea, and he bought for me..muax muax! Hmm..wondering how should i plan for my sem break, it is just a short one, hopefully can utilise it well..hahaz..

p/s: Y2S1, i hate u ! nvr try b4 6 ppr exam take whole mth...we are done! >.<


~CKW~ said...

over over!!
go eat go eat!!
korean buffet=]

elaine-mia said...

haha, u oso thinking what im thinking? i so wanted to go for the new korean BBQ buffet, nvr go ipoh garden thr de..