Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting Crazy!!

Stepped into house, getting crazy ppl clean up the hse at all...toilets, basins, everything...aiks, as usual, i gotta clean up some of it 1st cuz beh tahan seeing it...and the others leave for tomorrow only do.

Grr....geram betul! Mom told me next year gonna travelling here and there with dad, for Lions Club purpose. Cox dad will be the DG(District Governor) for fiscal year 2010/2011 for Lions Club, and will be going to SG, Korea and Australia (Sydney)!!!! sobz sobz.....i can't go!! cuz only spouse can get training...and i m pack with uni am i suppose to go..nvm, ask mom to buy me mountain of cosmetics stuff calm myself and make myself feel better as a result of unable to go...hmmph!

After getting everything done and unpacked my stuff..oh God, i can sit down and rest my feet. I was mentally and physically tire plus having headache...phew!
Tomorrow gonna be the day i get my hair a new look...hopefully the saloon will satisfy my needs...on my hair as im very particular on what people do to my hair...

p/s: Bebe, sry..i did smthg sry...

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