Saturday, September 19, 2009


It's been quite some while since my last blog..
due to many didn't update my blog..well, i m going to blog today..
ma mood today is just so so only as i don't know whether i should be happy or it's neutral la..

Well, celebrated Kevin and Gywen's birthday on 17/9 thursday..boon was surprised with 2 cakes, as one of it is fr her babe, Yiin. erm, kinda sad for Kevin no surprise for him..hahaz..nvm, his baby also bought him a cake..two cakes fr the same cake shop, luckily didn't buy the same cake..hahaz!
Yiin bought a iPod Touch for sweet, she was stunt for its kinda exp, lol..d price tag still stick on the case. Lucky we saw it, n yiin tear it off.
Hang awhile and blow some heart shapes balloon..can't admit that balloons are nice to see but once burst, it is scaring off people. But anyway, can imagine what yiin tried to do, just lack of time only. Still sweet least bday gurl get surprise and the cutest part was 1st time seeing her wit a hair band over his head..haha, laughed her as aunty.

I did saw before friend's celebration on any occasion, there's balloons and flowers around, can imagine that..which is a wonderful moment, hope can have some day which makes people feel so bliss..
Noticed Leng Yein FB that her bf is proposing to hehr with an adv on The Star newspaper and Billboard over Tropicana City, so sweet of them. Envy betul!
Plus a proposing night with few friends, like those functions she had. Why?
Because the place or restaurant will be always decorated in such cozy, simple, beautiful environment. With balloons, ribbons, flowers, etc. Hope can join such company one day as i like beautiful stuff, can decorate for blissful couple on their special day, when people are happy, i will feel the same for them.

Here comes my headache students finished their exams today and can have 1 month sem break. Poh chee fr Chinese studies will be having 3mths good of them.
And im still stuck in the middle, just had 2 papers only, 3 more to go..darn! Bebe alr having his 4th paper today, last paper on coming friday and he will be flying his heart out soon. And gotta enjoy his trip with classmates to Cameron, its been years i din go to Cameron, wonder how has the place change...hmph...

Uhm...should i say Sept month isn't a good month? It's been 21 years i celebrating my bday on an exam month, since kindergarden till now, as a uni student. sienz!=.=
Plus, many things happened this month too! Dad sold his Naza Ria, causing me no car to use. Gotta wait till Dec only get his new car, only then i got a car to drive. Imagine how will my sem break going to goin to rot in ma house with 3 doggies.
Here's unfortunates happen in ma family. San yee's mother-in-law diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer, and it's just a matter of time as what mom said. God Bless!
Da gu's mother-in-law passed away few days back accidentally, coz she climbed a mango tree to pick a mango. Dead on the spot once fell on the floor. (not so clear what hit's her cause her pass away on the scene). This is what i knew when grandpa called me suddenly in the night.

Talked about my previous paper, CT(Comm Theories), im afraid going to fail that paper, just duno why. i didn't write much and left some questions unanswered which mean empty. Erm, prepare to retake whole sub next sem. sigh!
Stress? or other things bothering me? no idea.. caused me din sleep for 30hrs plus and eat really less for 2 days.. and cried for 2 days 2 night with for no reasons. Mom worried and called me up to go to bed, but it just dun work. Rolled on bed for hours, just waste time. Same as ytd night, can't sleep as well. Life during exam month just screwed, daily routine is spoiled. My time has changed to US time, sleep till noon and din sleep at night. Grrr!

I miss my home, but it is still the same of going bck Ipoh, will be staying at home cz no car n no money..can't go anywhere. Hope can fully utilise my sem break within the few weeks having fun with friends, but time is not right as most of them were not in Ipoh. Everyone is busy with their life, dad is busy with his Lion's Club stuff and mom as a spouse have to follow him to attend mountains of functions. And i m still alone.

p/s: Thx peeps for supporting and cheering me up!

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